Health Care Reform Links to Help You Decide Whether and What to Yell at Your Congressman

Want some places to start in your study of health care reform? Below are some links to some of the topics, and perhaps at least one link that’s only tangential to the town hall debate. I’m open to suggestions for adding more.

The officially non-partisan stuff is up top. Partisan histrionics are toward the bottom.

Here is where you can read the text of the original House bill.

Here is the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the cost of the original bill.

Reuters has a summary list of some differences in the different bills.

Click on this link on telephone town halls and you can download a 2007 report on the effectiveness of those meetings.

Politifact, a site offered by the St. Petersburg Times, weighs in about the truth or lack of it when it comes to health care reform claims.

Read a (Tacoma) News Tribune story on the Medicare reimbursement review:

This is our story from Tuesday, Aug. 10 from Norm Dicks’ Rotary event.

Here is the live blog (notes) from the Norm Dicks event.

This is our story from Sunday, Aug. 8 on the town-hall question.

Here is the link to the recordings of Jay Inslee’s two town-hall meetings.

This was our story from Sunday, Aug. 2 on local health care professionals’ opinions on health care reform.

And here is a story from Wednesday, July 1 on Patty Murray’s Bremerton discussion on reform:


The White House responds to some of what it calls the “myths” circulating about health care reform.

The White House referred to this site to show how health care reform would benefit Washington.

This is the White House’s answer to the question of why health care reform is needed.

The National Republican Committee site is under works, but there is video.

I did a search on the liberal-leaning “The Nation” for “health care.” This link ought to get you the latest results each time you go back.

The conservative-leaning National Review has a “hot topics” site dedicated to health care issues and has links to several stories.

4 thoughts on “Health Care Reform Links to Help You Decide Whether and What to Yell at Your Congressman

  1. I’m adding one, just because this June New Yorker article by Atul Gawande seems to be constantly cited. Obama has even brought it up, and after he did I noticed a lot of people quoting from it. Dicks brought it up Monday at the Rotary appearance without elaborating much, so he’s just following the trend:

    — David

  2. Thanks, Steve. Without SEED to kick around, what else better to do than study another sprouting disaster.

    Ok, here is my thought on health care. Every child in this country (the land of the free and home of the brave) should be endowed by our great nation with two strategic gifts…

    1. Unbridled educational opportunity until they are 18.
    2. Health care until they are 18.

    Then, except for the grace of their parents and family or private charity, we let them sink or swim. In other words… endow them with the tools to be self-sufficient and then expect them to be self-sufficient.

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. Not sure what needs to be done but something has to happen or we will all be unable to afford health care. Maybe a start would be to take the write off for advertising from drug companies and we will get rid of the TV ads as well
    Sparky Flavored Coffee Drinker

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