Live Blog of Norm Dicks on Health Care

U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair, spoke to the Rotary Club of Bremerton Monday. Health care reform was the primary focus, though other issues did come up.

4 thoughts on “Live Blog of Norm Dicks on Health Care

  1. This is still not a replacement for the Townhall meeting that Mr. Dicks should be having. We are anxiously looking for LEADERS NOT HIDERS!

  2. When Norm came to Port Angeles, I called to RSVP. I was told I was not on the LIST??

    I am a retired Pharmcist with over 40 ys in Health Care. I am also

    an elected Hospital Commissioner, for over 6 yrs. In the past when Norm has asked me for help I was there.

    This time I could not get in. We need some Health care reform. But it seems now my voice does not want to be heard.

    Jim Cammack

  3. You could not get in a meeting concerned with health care reform?
    A retired Pharmacist, 40 years in health care and elected Hospital Commissioner could not get into a Town Hall meeting by a voter’s elected official representing ALL in his district and you couldn’t get in?

    Doesn’t that mean then, that Norm Dicks had a ‘Private Party’ for select people, hardly a ‘Town Meeting’.

    I’d like to know who was on a health care reform meeting list that would not include a 40 year veteran in health care?
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Mr. Cammack. Your voice is being heard here. Mr. Dicks may not want to hear it, and may go out of his way to avoid it publically, but the rest of us do want to hear what you have to say and want to hear what others have to say. Townhalls are just one way to “be heard”. We need to be using all of the available tools and vehicles to make ourselves “heard”. Both sides of the issue, for and against. That includes voting out individuals who are not recognizing or representing us by actually listening to what we have to say.

    Mr. Dicks will hear us for sure when we choose to “reform” his congressional position by replacing him with a new “public approved option” come next election.

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