County, Bremerton Squabbling Over Condo Loan

In May we wrote about the $2 million loan agreement Bremerton’s city council made in 2005 in case the county loaned the housing authority $22.2 million for the Harborside Condominium project.

When the county restructured the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority’s loan for the condo project and turned it into a $40.5 million county obligation, the city argues the county took the city off the hook. The county disagrees.

We’re working on a story on the matter now. In the meantime, here are copies of two letters(It’s a PDF download) exchanged between the city and the county.

One thought on “County, Bremerton Squabbling Over Condo Loan

  1. Why didn’t the county include the city into their negotiations for the 44 million dollar loan? On the surface, it appears the county was generous and took the city 2 million commitment as a gift, not a loan.
    Who were the county commissioners at that time?
    Sharon O’Hara

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