Conversation with Bainbridge Island Council Dist. 3 South Ward candidates

The Kitsap Sun editorial board hosted Bainbridge Island Council District 3 South Ward candidates Curt Winston, Tim Jacobsen, and Kirsten Hytopoulos Wednesday as part of it’s pre-primary series of interviews used to make the Kitsap Sun’s political endorsements.

We stream these discussions live and archive them on this blog. You can find out when upcoming discussions are and, at the scheduled time, watch them live, comment and ask questions, of which we’ll choose several at the end to ask the candidates on your behalf. Go to

– Angela Dice

2 thoughts on “Conversation with Bainbridge Island Council Dist. 3 South Ward candidates

  1. To me, Mr. Winston came off as almost desperate in his wanting to be on the council. We’ll see what happens on the August 10th roundtable with all the candidates.

  2. This is well worth watching. I’m going to endorse Kirsten as a result. I like her approach. I agree with her philosophy of maintainting our island way of life, while showing willingness to compromise and find good solutions. Kurt’s views on fiscal responsibility are good, his objections to Winslow Tomorrow are appropriate, but he seems to offer criticism without ideas. He says repeatedly that he has experience, but I hear, “trust me”, not concrete suggestions for improving conditions on the council or the island. He is a bit crumdogonish, and I don’t think that’s what we need now. Tim didn’t say anything very specific, but I heard several references to making it easier for business to operate here, yet no clear vision for how to do that and maintain our quality of life. I’m definitely going to support Kirsten!

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