Video: Discussion with South Kitsap School Board Candidates

The Kitsap Sun editorial board interviewed South Kitsap School Board Dist. 3 candidates Christopher Lemke, Naomi Polen and Gail Porter. Watch a recording of that by clicking on the video below. Due to an early technical difficulty, Porter’s opening introduction was cut off and audio does not start until 8 seconds in.

We’ll be live broadcasting more interviews with Kitsap candidates before the upcoming primary election and posting them on the Kitsap Caucus blog. You can find which ones are upcoming and watch them live at

11 thoughts on “Video: Discussion with South Kitsap School Board Candidates

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    The audio is extremely out of sync with the video. Not just a second or two. Is there a way to fix that?

  2. Kathryn, I guess we get what we pay for. I just thought you guys were doing your best Britney Spears impression at lip-syncing. You know I am kidding, it is rather distracting. Hopefully Angela can wave her magic web wand and fix it.

  3. It was far easier to listen to than to watch. The three candidates, from left to right, were Naomi Polen, Christopher Lemke, and Gail Porter. Gail got chopped off in the beginning.

    The Kitsap Sun should get something with at least a little better resolution, too. (hint, hint)

    Kathryn Simpson

  4. Kathryn —
    We kept the resolution at a lower level so more people would be able to watch (listen to) the video. If we record at the best resolution it creates a much larger file, and we were worried a lot of folks wouldn’t be able to download and watch (or listen) live. That said, we’ll see what we can do to clean up those small distractions.

    Next week: Bremerton mayor candidates, though we’ll meet on Tuesday afternoon rather than Wednesday.


  5. David,

    Thanks for the response. The resolution I could live with if the video and audio were in sync. But they aren’t even close.

    Kathryn Simpson

  6. After seeing/hearing this video, I am totally unimpressed with any of these three candidates. If this is the best they can come up with, the prospects for the SKSD are not good. My ballot is going in blank.

  7. I wish it had been presented like radio interview. Each person stating their name and go forward with what they bring to the table.

  8. Thanks Kitsap Sun for putting this together and thanks candidates for sharing your views with us! I know it takes a lot of prep and time.

    I’m leaning for Christopher Lemke. I like his views, plans, experience, reasonableness, knowledge, and dedication more than the other two (no offense, but it’s what I pulled away with).

    Brian Mitchell: why not vote for Lemke? One of them will be elected so you may as well vote in the better of three! Please vote.

  9. My vote will go to Naomi Polen.

    Naomi does her homework and works to understand the issues before she makes a decision. She sincerely listens to parents, staff, and community stakeholders. She respects differing opinions and works towards win-win without compromising core values.

    While a strong team player, Naomi is not shy to present reasoned and intelligent positions when she disagree. She is a fiscal conservative, thoughtful in her approach to issues, and has exceptional integrity.

    Knowing both (remaining) candidates, I fully support and endorse Naomi Polen.

    Kathryn Simpson

  10. That’s good enough for me. I want to vote for the best candidate I never know them Personally. But I want to vote the right person for the job. Thanks for enlightening me.

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