3 thoughts on “Gone for Awhile

  1. Thanks for the update Steven. Most of the blogs have been pretty quiet around here these last couple of weeks….I am worried about you guys over there in the SUNgeon. At least the gerbil in the server room is still getting fed on a regular basis, since the website is operating ok.

    I would still watch Henry over at the Bremerton Beat Blog…she might use this as a opportunity to post Pro-Port Orchard Propaganda there without fear of ridicule or retribution for a couple of weeks. That could get ugly.

  2. Well, I haven’t had a blog notice since the end of May. I signed up again – for the fourth time – yesterday and still no notices.

    I’ve even registered for the “Tweet” – whatever THAT is – notices and haven’t gotten notices to Tweet wither.

    Have a great time, Steven!
    Sharon O’Hara

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