Washington Looks Good Economically

Every morning I get an e-mail from Al Tompkins, a former TV reporter who now has a blog at the Poynter Institute. Don’t look at my comment as suggesting I’m something special because I get an e-mail from Tompkins. This isn’t like those times entertainment reporters write “I had lunch with Oliver Stone the other day,” when in fact the reporters were ushered into a room six at a time and there were snacks on the table during the 10-minute interview. Anyone who wants these e-mails gets them. Tompkins knows me about as well as I know Arnold Schwarzenegger, probably less. And things such as this.

As I was saying, Tompkins sent an e-mail, which isn’t the point. What’s in the e-mail is the point, a lesson I hope all you aspiring writers learn, to not go off into tangents that have nothing to do with your ultimate point.

So anyway, the e-mail links to a Moody’s story that reportedly says Washington is one of five states most likely to recover quickly from our economic doldrums. So are Idaho and Oregon. I’ll post the Moody’s link, but I couldn’t find the actual story. We’ll just have to take Tompkins’ word for it.

Well, we would have to, except that he links to an MSNBC column that references the Moody piece and suggests the same thing for Washington. The reason?

“States that have a high concentration in tech-related industries are well positioned to take advantage of this trend, which is particularly true of Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington and to a lesser extent Texas,” said economist Andrew Gledhill of Moody’s Economy.com.

Texas’ big plus is the fact that it wasn’t so much a part of the housing boom. That could also benefit Washington to some degree, because this state did see prices go up, but not like Florida and California.

Another reason favoring Washington is its credit rating.

The point is we may be in better shape than other states, which isn’t necessarily setting the bar all that high, but would you rather be living in Florida? I didn’t think so.

2 thoughts on “Washington Looks Good Economically

  1. When Samuel F.B. Morse famously debuted the telegraph, he told Ralph Waldo Emerson that now, “Maine can talk to Florida.”

    Emerson’s reply was dry.

    “Yes, but has Maine anything to say to Florida?”

  2. Dont call it a comeback!
    I been here for years
    Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
    Makin the tears rain down like a mon soon
    Listen to the bass go boom – LL Cool J in Mamma Said Knock You Out

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