Don’t Forget the Kitsap Reader

We had an issue with the ad above and the white space it was creating, so I chose to lift something from the sidebar to the right and place it up top. So now we give you  another reminder to check out the Kitsap Reader.

I try to read a few national or regional stories in the morning that I think you political types might find interesting. Sometimes I don’t get to it until later in the day, but I’m updating pretty regularly.

The stories don’t always deal directly with Kitsap issues, but they often have either an indirect relation and are things I think some of you would be glad to read.

In the past I’ve wanted to post a listing of stories you might like reading, but creating a blog entry takes a bit of time, you see. Thanks to Publish2, I can do that this way.

Feel free to recommend stories to me for inclusion in the Kitsap Reader. Contact me by e-mail at

The three latest entries appear, but for more of them you can click on the “More Kitsap Reader Links” line.

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