Brockus Running Again

Adam Brockus, Bremerton city councilman, said today he will seek a second term.

Brockus was first elected in 2005 to the District 3 seat, which takes in Manette.

Brockus said since being elected he has worked on the Ferry Plan C effort, which he said should result in an option that keeps ferry service in Bremerton. He said he was also responsible for getting the Manette sub-area planning process back in play after the city considered scrapping it and helped save the former reservoir at 17th and Ironsides from being sold to developers. And he said he has been working with the Washington State Department of Transportation to make sure a replacement for the Manette Bridge is a “signature bridge.”

Brockus, 42, was recently hired by the U.S. Navy after being laid off by Art Anderson Associates.

24 thoughts on “Brockus Running Again

  1. Mr Brockus has been invaluable to Manette’s future. He is really dedicated to the people and place he serves.

    I’ve strongly disagreed with him on several issues but if the main point of each city council member contribution is dedication to the people and area he/she serves, Brockus wins hands down.
    In my opinion…
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Interesting criteria, Sharon. If we follow your suggestion, then every incumbent elected official should be re-elected as they’re all “dedicated to the people.”

    I choose to vote for the person who represents my views and will be productive.

    Brockus is a Democrat who exercises good judgment and is an independent thinker.

  3. He is a good guy that really knows his stuff. I hope he runs for mayor of Bremerton one of these days.

    One interesting bit from Adam Brockus is that at the KCDCC meeting is that since he is now a Civilian Navy DOD employee he has to step down from the Kitsap County Democrats Executive Board in order to be compliant with the Hatch Act.

    I plan on running for the open KCDCC E-board spot since they rarely are open like this.

  4. Well, builder, if “dedication to the people and area he/she serves,” is not a worthy criteria to vote a recumbent back into office Brockus is definitely without worth in office.

    Do you need glasses to read a complete sentence?
    Sharon O’Hara

  5. Actually, Jake, the rules have changed somewhat and I don’t think he has to step down from the E-Board of the KCDCC these days. The link below says that

    The link says that federal employees, except in a few limited circumstances may…
    -be candidates for public office in nonpartisan elections
    -register and vote as they choose
    -assist in voter registration drives
    -express opinions about candidates and issues
    -contribute money to political organizations
    -attend political fundraising functions
    -attend and be active at political rallies and meetings
    -join and be an active member of a political party or club
    sign nominating petitions
    -campaign for or against referendum questions, constitutional amendments, municipal ordinances
    -campaign for or against candidates in partisan elections
    -make campaign speeches for candidates in partisan elections
    -distribute campaign literature in partisan elections
    -hold office in political clubs or parties

    It is likely that he was under the impression that he couldn’t hold office in a political club or party because the old rules said that. The rules were significantly amended in 1993.

    Also, Port Orchard and Bremerton fall under a very limited geographic area rule that allows federal employees in those areas to seek political office in a partisan election as long as they seek the office as an independent.

    Now, all that being said, any federal employee who wants to retain their position and avoid any problems should seek clarification from the Office of Special Counsel.

    Kathryn Simpson

  6. Looks like Brockus deos fall under the Hatch Act for Federal employees, look it up on-line again and read further Mrs. Simpson, you can also call Navy JAG at NAV station Bremerton, \it’s in the phone book\ and they will tell you that under the Hatch Act a Federal employee cannot run for a paid political office in which the Bremerton City council position is. This is also put out to the Naval civilian employees around election times in the regional publication of the Salute.

  7. Mr. Brockus,

    I very much appreciate your service to the community. After you are done picking yourself up after being rudely knocked aside from your current positions and are done brushing certain individuals drooling, shameless, self promoting stampeding footsteps off your back, feel free to come on over and run for one of the two upcoming open positions on the Bremerton School Board. Which by the way is NOT a paid postion.

    Colleen Smidt

  8. carymh,

    Please see Question #18 of the following link…

    I don’t know what federal position Mr. Brockus accepted. If, for example, he accepted an “SES” position, a CIA position, or a Secret Service position, he would be under tighter rules than most federal employees in Kitsap County, as outlined in the link I provided in my first post. If he accepted a position in an arena where he could potentially run into many conflicts of interest with an elected position, he may well deem it unpractical to seek re-election.

    However, I stand by my position that the rules are not as cut and dry as you insist. With the rule changes in 1993 and the special designated areas of Bremerton and Port Orchard, federal employment may not preclude an individual from elected office in a partisan election in a local race. Any federal employee considering it would be well served to contact the OSC and ask for clarification and determination. I have, twice, and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Kathryn Simpson

  9. It appears that Adam could serve either the Bremerton City Council, since it is nonpartisan, or he could serve the Democratic Party Executive Board, under the 1993 revised Hatch Act provisions. Apparently the Hatch Act will not allow both for one federal employee.
    I thought that I knew the Hatch Act backwards and forwards, but this “wrinkle” in it was a surprise to me.

    I’m a former federal employee and I became active in partisan politics (while still working) not too long after the Hatch Act was amended in 1993. I served in several elected party positions, including delegate to conventions, etc.

    The Hatch Act changes in 1993 were good, but not as good as I would like them. Adam was an asset to the Kitsap County Dems, and he will be missed there. I think that he might still be able to be a PCO.

  10. Linda,

    Why would he be required to choose one or the other? Oh, wait… I see what you are saying… you are right. If he is running as an independent, but also serving as on the D’s executive board, that shows he is really running as a partisan.

    Even if the City Council was a partisan election, a federal employee could still run because Bremerton is one of the specially designated areas. They would have to run as an independent, though.

    Kathryn Simpson

  11. He tendered his resignation email to the KCDCC Executive board.

    As both the KCDCC and Adam understands the situation that he does have to worry about the Hatch act.

    Although he can’t officially get a partisan endorsement of a political party and he will be running for re-election as an independent we understand the situation and I’ll be voting for him and be supporting his campaign but in a purely non-partisan effort.

  12. PS: Whoever did the Point Casino ad on the top of this page did a great job!
    I’m actually tempted to go there for dinner!
    Sharon O’Hara

  13. A few facts as presented, Navy Engineering position at Bangor Sub Base. This is a GS 12 or above, with a high security clearence required, it being a job in dealing with things of National security. Holding public paid political office for a city government, City of Bremerton. Once again Mrs. Simpson this is a violation of the Hatch Act as it stands to date, you know the website.

  14. carymh,

    Obviously, you haven’t read the information at the links. The level of his security clearance requirement means nothing in relationship to the Hatch Act. That the position is a GS-12 indicates that it is not an SES position. Thus, unless Mr. Brockus falls under any of the following, he can run for office without violating the Hatch Act, so long as he does so as an independent without using the resources of a partisan party in his campaign…
    Employees of the following agencies (or agency components), or in the following categories, are subject to more extensive restrictions on their political activities than employees in other Departments and agencies:

    Administrative Law Judges (positions described at 5 U.S.C. ?5372)
    Central Imagery Office
    Central Intelligence Agency
    Contract Appeals Boards (positions described at 5 U.S.C. ?5372a)
    Criminal Division (Department of Justice)
    Defense Intelligence Agency
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Federal Elections Commission
    Merit Systems Protection Board
    National Security Agency
    National Security Council
    Office of Criminal Investigation (Internal Revenue Service)
    Office of Investigative Programs (Customs Service)
    Office of Law Enforcement (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms)
    Office of Special Counsel
    Secret Service
    Senior Executive Service


    Nothing above says, “Department of Defense” or “Department of Navy”.

    Therefore, a GS-12 Department of Navy civilian employee, living in Bremerton (which is a ‘designated geographic location’ with special permissions under the Hatch Act), could run for public office, as an independent. You know the website. 😉

    Kathryn Simpson

  15. Once again a few common sense things need to be addressed. It doesn’t matter whether one declares oneself either Democrat, “which is claimed in the above for said person”, or republican, independent, libertarian, ect. ect. It is still a paid political office and is not exempted just because oneself declares themselves independent. In such elected office.

  16. Common sense…


    Sec. 733.105
    c) Employees who are covered under this section and who reside in a
    municipality or political subdivision designated by OPM under
    Sec. 733.107 may:
    (1) Run as independent candidates for election to partisan political office in elections for local office in the municipality or political subdivision;
    (2) Solicit, accept, or receive a political contribution as, or on behalf of, an independent candidate for partisan political office in elections for local office in the municipality or political subdivision;
    (3) Solicit, accept, or receive uncompensated volunteer services as, or on behalf of, an independent candidate for partisan political office in elections for office in the municipality or subdivision; and
    (4) Take an active part in other political activities associated
    with elections for local partisan political office and in managing the campaigns of candidates for election to local partisan political office in the municipality or political subdivision, but only as an independent candidate or on behalf of, or in opposition to, an independent candidate.

    Sec. 733.107 Designated localities.

    (a) OPM may designate a municipality or political subdivision in
    Maryland or Virginia and in the immediate vicinity of the District of Columbia, or a municipality in which the majority of voters are employed by the Government of the United States, when OPM determines that, because of special or unusual circumstances, it is in the domestic interest of employees to participate in local elections.
    (b) Information as to the documentation required to support a
    request for designation is furnished by the General Counsel of OPM on request.
    (c) The following municipalities and political subdivisions have
    been designated, effective on the day specified:

    (snipped Maryland and Virginia municipalities)

    Other Municipalities

    Anchorage, Alaska (Dec. 29, 1947).
    Benicia, Calif. (Feb. 20, 1948).
    Bremerton, Wash. (Feb. 27, 1946).
    Centerville, Ga. (Sept. 16, 1971).
    Crane, Ind. (Aug. 3, 1967).
    Elmer City, Wash. (Oct. 28, 1947).
    Huachuca City, Ariz. (April 9, 1959).
    New Johnsonville, Tenn. (April 26, 1956).
    Norris, Tenn. (May 6, 1959).
    Port Orchard, Wash. (Feb. 27, 1946).
    Sierra Vista, Ariz. (Oct. 5, 1955).
    Warner Robins, Ga. (March 19, 1948).

    I hope this helps to clarify.

    Kathryn Simpson

  17. Hi there! Thank you for doing this additional researh on the Hatch Act.

    When I went through it myself, there seemed to be enough murkiness in it that I wanted to play it as safe as I could until I got a definitive WRITTEN response from the Counsel responsible. After being unemployed for 4 months, I hope you can understand my abundance of caution on this matter.

    All elected positions in the City of Bremerton (including the Mayor) are Non-Partisan. I am running as a non-partisan indepeandent, and unless I get a definite ruling by OSC, I will neither seek nor accept the endorsement of any political party.

    Now here’s one more wrinkle in this matter: since we’re now in top two primaries and candidates can apparently put any group as their “Preference”, aren’t all races now Non-Partisan?

  18. Sharon O’Hara (fake name for officer of Dem Party) — YOU are the person who needs to learn how to read sentences and TYPE properly.

    Sharon wrote, “…to vote a recumbent back into office…”

    What the heck is a “recumbent” Sharon???

    Once again, we discover why so many other posters cite Sharon’s ugliness as a reason to avoid her.

  19. Adam,

    Sounds like you have a good handle on it.

    Just be careful. From what I am reading from OSC, even a non-partisan race can be turned into a partisan race by certain actions. Which probably answers your last question, too.

    Kathryn Simpson

  20. A recumbent is a type of bike, Builder. 😉

    In fact, I think Sharon has one. I do and I love my recumbent.

    However, I do believe she was trying to say, “incumbent”.

    Kathryn Simpson

  21. Hey, as I just proved myself, we can all make spelling errors on our blog responses.

    I’m recumbent in my chair right now. 🙂

  22. Oh golly Builder… How did you know poor spellers are ugly and why do you care, straw puppet?

    Kathryn…Thanks. I did mean “Incumbent” … and congratulations on your good sense of fun and cycling enjoyment by riding a recumbent trike.
    Sharon O’Hara

  23. My recumbent has only two wheels. The next recumbent I buy will be a trike, though.

    Kathryn Simpson

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