Washingtonians Like Statewide School Bonds

The Associated Press has a story about Gov. Chris Gregoire’s favorable opinion about sending out a bond for a statewide vote.

Gregoire said discussions of a possible bond package are still preliminary, and she didn’t say what type of taxes might pay for those kinds of bonds. But she signaled a strong interest in taxpayer-backed debt to finance technology and environmental upgrades in the K-12 system.

Such projects would create needed jobs and boost consumer spending while making schools more energy-efficient and improving the quality of public education, she said.

“We’ve got to have a 21st-century education system coming out of this recession,” Gregoire said. “That’s the way in which our kids, and we as a state, are going to be able to compete.”

The Secretary of State’s office followed with evidence that such measures have done well in Washington in the past.

If my search, using the link the secretary provides on the blog, is correct, out of nine bonds submitted to voters in Whashingon’s Washington’s system, eight were approved.

5 thoughts on “Washingtonians Like Statewide School Bonds

  1. I believe this story is proof enough that our education system needs drastic help.

    You can’t even spell the state you live in! Washington only has one “h”.

    Ha, thanks for the giving me the pitch right down the middle.

  2. HA! Not only does it only have one “h,” it also has a “t” in there. I was educated in California, so don’t judge this state’s system on that.


  3. Aggghhhh! Ms. Gregoire, the fundamental problem with local districts not being able to fund their schools properly is directly caused by the backwards, strings attached, filtered skimming that the State of Washington currently imposes in a very heavy handed manner upon them. The State of Washington needs to back off their restrictions and dictations not implement more layers and destroy the last remnants of local control when it comes to spending OUR money in OUR schools on OUR children.

    Three years ago I attended the Washington State PTA Convention where you were the key speaker. What you are suggesting now is in direct contrast to what you said then. You are a liar and a fraud when it comes to your policy ideas and the implementation of them for education. Frankly I am completely disgusted with you and the system you protect.

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