Realtors Want Spending Paused on SEED

The Kitsap County Association of Realtors’ Board of Directors is planning to draft a letter asking the Port of Bremerton to at least temporarily cease spending money on the Kitsap Sustainable Energy and Economic Development project.

Mike Eliason, association executive, said the statement will not so much be against the overall project as much as it is a statement about the economy and the number of vacancies in the county.

Eliason said commercial vacancies are above 10 percent and industrial properties seeing vacancies even higher. Adding more industrial property, he said, could harm the overall market.

Kitsap SEED is designed to be a business park for clean technology companies. The first phase is to include an incubator for start-up clean-tech businesses.

Bill Mahan, port commissioner, said the incubator building would not compete with traditional commercial real estate, because it’s “designed for businesses moving from garages to the next stage of development.”

6 thoughts on “Realtors Want Spending Paused on SEED

  1. Can we call for a cease to the destruction of more forests and the paving of more farmland to build more strip malls, since the ones previously built are siting vacant? Or, do we just attack the SEED project because it has that scary “green” element to it? What hypocrites the realtors Eliason represents are! What hyprocrites!

  2. Mary- Please put away the emotion, deal with facts, and carefully read the original story. No one said the Realtors are opposed to SEED. They merely want to put the expenditure of funds on hold until the economy rebounds.

  3. Great! Bluelight. A Seattle based filmmaker and a home renovation expert spent the day a few Saturdays ago filming the concept for a documentary. In addition, I have contacted a specialist in deconstruction to begin the process of planning that phase.

    On a side note, I was contacted by the executive director of SCALLOPS and asked to start a Sustainable Port Orchard group. One of my goals is to facilitate a group that will not only share personal and collective sustainability initatives, like the green house, but who will enjoy sharing books.

    Today I attended Woody Tasch’s lecture in Seattle on his new book, “Slow Money, funding food, farms and fertility,” and if I can make it, I want to attend David Korten’s talk on his new book, which will be held in BI on Thursday. Next Sunday, I want to hop the ferry again for a talk by an expert in hunger and food production and distribution issues.

    In addition, I am preparing information materials to be distributed at the Green Festival in two weeks. What else? Well, the community garden effort is going well. Lots of wonderful volunteers with great ideas. We have had the offer of a site or two and I just helped complete work on a grant.

    And, you? Do you want to buy a shirt or two with the slogan “The Future of Washington is Green” ?

    I am planning to order more.

  4. Mary, good for you, it sounds like you’re putting your money where your mouth is.

    I see you’re going here and going there for lectures. I do the same. I have to ask, when was the last time you attended a lecture in South Kitsap?

  5. Well, besides the one you attended, (Thank you for that, your presence was greatly welcome,) I attended a workshop on sustainability put on by County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido called Kitchen Table Sustainability – Practical Recipes for Community Engagement with Sustainability. The writer and speaker was Charlotte’s good friend from Australia, Wendy Sarkissian. She showed us slides of the fires in Australia, which were troubling. I hadn’t seen them in regular media.

    I had the good fortune of speaking with Wendy in the lunch room and she asked me to look over her book and work with her and her co-authors to pen a version for youth. I was honored and hope to take advantage of that opportunity. I have so many books to read. In Port Orchard, I met the author of Breakfast at Sally’s, but did not stay for his talk on being homeless in Bremerton. Like I mentioned, I would love to gather people together who would want to meet, select books to read, and discuss their personal sustainability efforts (are they part of REEL friends, the group that attends local movies together downtown; do they make an effort to bike to work; do they care about the issues related to the ferries; are they into eco-building and/or solar installation; do issues related to farms, food and fertility excite them; and more). In the past I have offered what was called at the time, Green Forums – a chance for local citizens to make presentations and discuss the environmental projects that matter to them. We had people present information on the Harper Estuary, on the Woods Rd. Development, hazardous slopes and more. I offered a screening of the Inconvenient Truth that same year in the high school theater. We can do as much as we have energy, enthusiasm and time for. Glad you asked.

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