2 thoughts on “Ferry Live Blog and Broadcast

  1. We’ll leave a recorded version of the video on the site for the rest of the week. Any reader questions that didn’t get answered will get forwarded to ferry officials and discussed on the Washingtonferrytalk.com forum.

    – Angela Dice, Web Editor

  2. I noticed that Mr. Moseley gave an answer that squared pretty well with my “back of the envelope” comparison of the revenue going into roadways and into ferries.

    At about 32 minutes and 15 seconds into the recording, an editorial board member asked a question that was, in essence: Why is it fair to ask Kitsap and San Juan counties to help pay for state ferries when state roadways aren’t similarly subsidized by counties?

    The answer, in part was:
    “Ferries are part of the highway system. They are a very expensive part.”
    “Washington state ferries take up about 12 percent of the DOT budget but provide less than 1 percent of the roadway.”
    That 1 percent refers to “distance and passengers, mileage and passengers — people using that highway.”
    “I don’t think you want to go to a dollar for dollar roads versus ferries — we lose in that comparison.”

    I figured as much. The state ferries are already receiving a disproportionately big share of tax revenue compared to the rest of the state highway system.

    So, when will the Sun inform its readers, so they can begin to figure out how to persuade the state taxpayers to pay even more for this very expensive part of the highway system?

    Too many, if not every single one of those arguing for more tax support for ferries, appear to think that ferries are getting short shrift when it comes to tax revenue.

    They can’t get very far with their mistaken belief, unless, of course, a clear majority of the legislature is similarly mistaken and cannot be educated before voting on the budget.

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