Navy Could Be Tipping Point for Ferries

To date it has seemed like local ferry supporters have been speaking to crowds secretly plugged into iPods. The audience looks like it’s listening, but its attention is clearly elsewhere. We’ve discussed this before. The ferry study gets shut down, Frank Chopp stays silent and no one except our legislators seems to be calling for anything other than reductions in service.

Now, the Navy chimes in.

“I strongly recommend the state of Washington pursue a course of action that will maintain the service our Navy sailors, civilian employees and families now depend on and enjoy,” wrote Adm. James Symonds to David Moseley, ferry jefe.

Politically, this could be exactly the backing the ferry system needed. It’s the first voice I’ve noticed that has a real potential for motivating someone who doesn’t depend on the ferries. Moseley seems to see this. From Ed Friedrich’s story:

“Moseley thanked Symonds for the feedback and encouraged Navy personnel to contact local legislators.”

I would assume that means contacting legislators besides the nine who represent Kitsap.

Getting the Navy’s backing also gives U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair, more clout than he had before with the Legislature. He didn’t get NASCAR. He might get this. More from the story:

U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair, said the defense industry stabilizes the state’s economy, and “it’s important for our future to preserve the state’s valuable defense jobs by working hard to accommodate the needs of Washington’s military bases and defense industries, as well as the military personnel who serve our nation.”

Besides calling on the state to back our military, you’ll notice he included “industry,” “economy” and “jobs.” That’s gotta be worth something.

3 thoughts on “Navy Could Be Tipping Point for Ferries

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I am going to go down to Olympia on the 18th to help lobby to save the ferry funding. I’ll point this out.

  2. State Rep. Seaquist, Bremerton City Councilors Adam Brockus and Mike Shepherd (me) met with US Navy Shipyard officials and Dave Moseley in December to discuss the importance of the Bremerton ferry to the Shipyard. I also met separately with the Puget Sound Naval Bases Association to ask they focus their attention on the issue.

    I’m still not sure that the Legislature understand the economic effects of reduced ferry service to Bremerton. While important, the commuters are only a small portion of the economic picture compared to the massive effects of defense/federal commerce and transportation that is dependent on the ferry system.

  3. I don’t get it.

    I came to “Kitsap Reader Launches on Caucus”, selected “2 comments” link and now I’m at “Navy Could Be Tipping Point for Ferries”.

    Sheesh, what the &^%% is going on?

    Here’s a link , College lesson: Turning grease into biodiesel

    I’m wondering if we will ever see categories of Biodiesel, Wind, Nuclear, Geothermal, Tidal Wave, Solar et cetera on Kitsap Caucus.

    And don’t start me up on our Port of Bremerton and SEED.

    Sheesh, speak of the urgency of now.

    No offense to you, Steven.

    Thanks for your continuing excellence.

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