Kitsap Reader Launches on the Caucus

Following the lead set by Angela Dice on the food blog, we’re going to launch a “Kitsap Reader” feature of the Kitsap Caucus blog. In it you will find a list of stories that I, or some of you, have found interesting and think would be interesting to others in this group. The reader will stay in this post, but I’m also going to set up a page you can always click on the find the list.

If you’ve read stories you think might interest the others in here, feel free to send me the link. If it seems like a good fit the link will join the others. This will be an experiment for a little while, but I’m sure we’ll eventually settle into a predictable standard. These first few stories are beyond Kitsap, but they don’t have to be.

More Kitsap Reader Links

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