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Hurry, Go Don’t See Air Force One

January 30th, 2009 by Steven Gardner

We got an e-mail telling us that Air Force One landed at the Bremerton National Airport.

We laughed, but I called the port to verify.

A 737, light blue at that, carrying Navy personnel, did land at the airport. We’re guessing it’s for the Kitty Hawk event tomorrow.

In the meantime, though, that doesn’t mean you can’t go out to the airport if the plane is still there and take grainy pictures that make it look like Air Force One. Use those pictures to launch a conspiracy theory.

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2 Responses to “Hurry, Go Don’t See Air Force One”

  1. Jake Metcalf Says:

    I did a low flying light blue 737 over Kitsap last year. Probably headed to Widbey island.

  2. James M. Olsen, Shining City Media Says:

    Mucho tv news copters cutting across OUR ISLAND, no doubt without the Mayor’s permission. Conspiracy theories — now that is a good seduction. Jay Inslee is being flown back to take over where Tom Daschele has fallen on his tax sword. You go Jay !!

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