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<em>The St. Petersburg Times will measure Obama's promise keeping on its PolitiFact site.</em>
The St. Petersburg Times will measure Obama's promise keeping on its PolitiFact site.
During the 2008 election the St. Petersburg Times employed a Truth-O-Meter to give a quick look at candidate statements and whether they were true.

As a new president takes office next week, the paper is unveiling the same principle for a new application. The Obameter

Writes Bill Adair:

“PolitiFact is launching an unprecedented journalistic effort to track Obama’s campaign promises and measure the progress of his presidency. Using our new Obameter, we will track each promise — we’ve identified 510 of them — and rate whether it was kept, broken or compromised. Those ratings will be tallied on our Web site, creating an up-to-the-minute report card on the Obama White House.”

There’s a meter for all 510 promises made by Barack Obama in the campaign. Two have already been kept, three are in the works and 505 have seen no action. That’s understandable, since he’s not really president yet. PolitiFact is not expecting 100 percent compliance.

“An important point: When we say a promise is broken, that is not necessarily a negative thing or a failure by Obama. The failure to enact a promise might simply reflect that priorities of the Congress or the American people have changed since he made the promise. Or it could indicate that Obama decided there were higher priorities.”

Word is they’re going to make this into a widget. If so, I’ll see if we can get it added on our site.

5 thoughts on “Truth Measured

  1. Ah. I was just about to email you this story Steve from the LA Times.,0,2553647.story

    This may be a little weird to think about but the Presidential Campaign of 2012 has already begun even before President Obama inauguration for his first term. The Obama campaign of 2008 is not actually shutting down but it is retooling and getting ready for the 2012 campaign. Starting in early 2001 the Bush campaign kept a permanent staffed and funded campaign in Ohio and Florida. When John Kerry campaign got to Ohio and Florida after the fight with Dean and Edwards the Bush Campaign had already been there for years.

    I seriously recommend the movie “As Goes the Nation” a documentary (you can get it on Netflix )about the election on Ohio in 2004. Had Ohio flipped in 2000 we would be talking about President Gore’s legacy right now and had Ohio flipped in 2004 we would be talking about President Kerry’s 2nd term.

    We don’t know who President Obama is going to face off against in 2012 (my money is on Huckabee) but they are going to have a permanent campaign going on to keep the grass root networks going that beat Clinton in the primaries and McCain in the general election.

    His network of voters is going to be essential in keeping momentum for his reforms and political agenda. Congress does not move without a political movement moving them in that direction.

  2. Also two days ago they had anti-Israel/anti-American protests in Iran protesting the Israeli bombing and the 2009 invasion of the Gaza strip and I noticed that they went from group hating photos of Bush to group hating photos of Obama. Technically they should not switch over to burning effigies of Obama until Monday.

    There is going to be a tough fight in the Republican primary for the presidential nomination since there is no heir aperients standards bearer for the Republicans.

    The two Republican Senators that I would be worried about lost their seats in 2008, Smith of Oregon and Colman of Minnesota (who is dragging it out in a petty lawsuit Dino Rossi style since they both lost the recount fair and square). Huckabee and Romney are the only 2008 Republicans candidates that still have enough steam to run again but neither one could win major primaries against McCain. I think Palin’s negative ratings will keep her in Alaska politics. Dick Cheney is not going to run and neither is Jeb Bush.

    I don’t see Vice President Biden running for President in 2016 so the Democrats should have an open primary fight

    It would not surprise me if people start hiring for campaigns and fund raising NOW. Presidential Elections are a full time industry in Iowa and New Hampshire. We won’t really know what the tone election will be like until we see the results of the 2010 mid-term congressional election and see if the Republicans win back a house of Congress or if they will keep their Senate loosing streak up.

    I think the 2012 presidential campaign is going to be about how well President Obama can deal with George Bush’s war and economic failures.

    In 2010 the Republicans will have to find a candidate to challenge and loose to Senator Murray and in 2012 they will need to find someone to loose against Senator Cantwell. I wonder if Gregoire is going to run again in 2012?

    Perhaps a Dino Rossi/ Norm Colman 2012 ticket is exactly what the Republicans need.

  3. We don’t have a term limit for Governor in Washington State (or any other position) so Gregoire can run for a third term if she wants to. Honestly I don’t know who the Democrats will run if she does not run again but we should know in two years.

    President Obama is the first sitting US Senator to win the presidency in 48 years. JFK was the last one. We have only seen two sitting US senators get elected in almost a hundred years but almost every US Senator will consider running at some point.

    The Republicans will probably run a state Governor against Obama in 2012. There are 21 Republican Governors and all of them could run for President except the Governator of Caleeefornia.

    My money is on Governor Bobby Jindal.

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