Kitsap Caucus Is Twitter Fated

If you’re a Twitterer, or whatever the jargon is for such a thing, so are we. You can find us by clicking on the little linky thingy here. @KitsapCaucus

Personally, I’m still getting use to this Twitter thing and there are many in this arena who hate Twitter, HATE IT, I tell you. I figure if it will help me continue to get paid, I’m inclined to be for it.

Later I’ll set something up on Facebook, too. I know my way around that place. No poking, no sending me flowers or snowballs. I like those little buttons, though, and I’ve become quite the farmer.

8 thoughts on “Kitsap Caucus Is Twitter Fated

  1. Man I just started following things here via the RSS feed.
    Personally I think Twitter is bit much. Or in twitter speak:
    Twtr iz 2 mch imho ROFL!

  2. Been looking at the twit thing and I just don’t get it. If doing what you have been doing for the last while doesn’t keep you on the payroll we are all lost.

  3. haha, Twitter keeps me up to date on dear friends, and dumps my blog to all those friends and to my facebook account as well. Thanks to some super cool people, I’ve had information and news courtesy of twitter and been able to share with others sitting at the same table as me. Last but not least, although I have a smartphone, I have this horrible habit of losing it as of late. That nifty twitter account I have, ensures that I know where my phone is at all times. Jake, seriously, you just hopped on the Sun RSS feed now? I can’t repeat the LOL speak here on that one. 🙂

  4. An an RSS feed classifies and categories stories from a publication so that a RSS reading program can keep track of it. It is an easy way to keep tabs on a website or a publication. It is sort of a combination card catalog and subscription service for online publications.

    I use Google Reader to keep track of stories from as well as their blogs that read. I have a page for political news, a page for tech and videogame news, a page of information on my friends and a page about local and general news. These custom newspages are created from over a hundred publishers all over the world from the BBC to the

    I don’t twitter since I can’t have a cellphone at work. I am probably the last person on the planet that does not have a cellphone and is a big nerd.

  5. Thanks Jake…I’ve just printed your explanation to tape on my computer…looks like something good to do.

    Google too … I like BBC.

    I bought a cell phone two years ago for a long bike trip I planned and haven’t taken yet.
    I use my cell phone so much I have over 7k unused minutes on it – and more I’ve already lost. The common sense configuration of the iPhone made a cell phone possible .. if I remember it. Neat phone, terrible sound…

    Nerds are good.

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