What to Do with the Bremerton Tunnel

With one of the plans calling for auto ferry service to be cut to less than half what it is now, it could make that tunnel being built downtown less useful than critics argue it would be anyway.

It’s getting built, though, so we better use it.

If the tunnel is used for offloading ferry cars once or twice a day, what should we use it for the rest of the time?

And here’s another video in which a local politician talks about ferries, and in this case it’s related to the tunnel. Wait for the second question.

3 thoughts on “What to Do with the Bremerton Tunnel

  1. With ” AGore global warming/change/crisis” going full bore now that the libs have taken over the government, the tunnel question will be solved by the rising seas.

    Until then (i.e. never) lets use the tunnel to house the homeless! It could be a tent tunnel.

  2. We had better hurry and use it before the tides come then. How about Anthony’s setting up tables and serving treats to dogs, bike riders and dog or pet walkers?

    In between the tables we can have bike races. And if the sides are appropriately round, why not let skateboarders practice and add a spectator gallery?

  3. At the rate things are progressing it will be a great location for certain members of the Bremerton School Board to hide out between meetings.

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