Port CEO to Retire

Ken Attebery, the Port of Bremerton’s chief executive officer announced today he is retiring. The port has been having discussions about who fills in his absence and personnel executive sessions. I can only assume that Attebery has been the point of discussion.

Attebery said he initiated the decision. He’s eligible to retire and the budget work for 2009 is done.

Here’s the press release:

After 25 years with the Port, 11 as CEO, and 38 years of public service Ken Attebery will retire at years end. Attebery will be consultant to the Port through the leadership transition.
Port Orchard, WA – December 4, 2008

Having completed over 25 years of work at the Port and a total of 38 years of public service at the local and federal levels Port CEO Ken Attebery has announced to the Port Commission that he will be retiring from the Port at the end of the year.

During Attebery’s time at the Port he has served in roles ranging from port planner and industrial development director to deputy executive director and finally CEO. Prior to joining the Port Attebery served as planning director for the City of Bremerton in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. One of the many highlights or Ken’s career was the designation of the Port of Bremerton as the state’s Port of the Year for its long term work to undertake the first significant steps in the 1990’s and continuing today to make improvements along the Bremerton waterfront.

Commission President Kincer commented that “Mr. Attebery has been dedicated to the Port in more ways than one can count for over 25 years. His years of service are lined with the projects envisioned by the several commissions he has worked for since 1983. From expansion of the Port Orchard Marina in the early 1980’s, to the Bremerton Marina opening this spring, to expansion of industrial and airport infrastructure and growing tenancy levels, nearly every thing we look at today has Ken’s fingerprints on it. The Port has often scored number one in national and state funding competitions and through his work Attebery has helped the Port bring millions in state and federal dollars home to Kitsap County for the benefit of all. I will miss him personally, and we will all miss his steadfast and productive service. I wish him the best life has to offer.”

Commissioner Stokes who was on the Commission when Ken was asked to join the Port remarked that…“Ken has been a big part of the Port of Bremerton for the past 25 years. He will be missed and I wish him well in his retirement.”

When asked what’s next, Ken said that “He is looking forward to the “third chapter” of life, time and play with a growing extended family and seeing what opportunities the private sector will offer. I’m considering a couple of consulting opportunities and remain curious as a cat about what life and future economic development of Kitsap County will have in store for us all. I have been honored to work with visionary commissioners and to help assemble one of the best staff teams I have ever worked with. They are professionally strong, eager to produce and simply lovely people to have spent my days with for all these many years. It has been a joy.”

Commissioner Bill Mahan who has known Ken since he came to Kitsap stated that “Ken has devoted his life to public service for 38 years. The past twenty five years he has worked for the Port of Bremerton and for 11 of those 25 years he as served as our CEO. Ken has set a high bar for integrity and wise use of port funds as demonstrated by the Port’s sound fiscal status and the annual audits conducted by the State Auditor. He has provided leadership in projects such as the new Bremerton Marina and has a reputation for staying within budget on the Port’s projects. The Port of Bremerton is going to miss Ken. We are asking him to continue to work with us under a professional services contract during the transition period.”


3 thoughts on “Port CEO to Retire

  1. “Any word from the Port on when or how it will fill the vacancy?”

    And ask them for copies of the agreements with “research institutions” for the SEED project, while you’re at it.

  2. While I hope the decision isn’t delayed indefinitely given all the Port’s business at hand, I also hope they don’t rush the decision.

    Best wishes to Ken as he moves on. Can’t say I blame him…

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