Inslee Watch, Now with Locke

I continue to monitor the situation of the Obama transition, watching specifically to see if Inslee really will get a cabinet post. The Associated Press put out a list today of people being discussed for different posts, and Inslee still is on the Interior list. I have also heard of him being discussed for Energy, but AP doesn’t see it that way.

Also on the list, twice in fact, is Gary Locke. He joins Inslee on Interior and is on the list of two for U.S. Trade Representative.

4 thoughts on “Inslee Watch, Now with Locke

  1. Dammit! I would really miss Jay. I want Jay to be the next Governor! He deserves some PNW time after serving us so well in the other Washington.

  2. No way.

    I’ve read articles on Politico that suggest white males are out. The interest groups are pushing for more hispanics and females. The current group is centrist, so the liberals want their folks at the table, too.

    Inslee would fit the liberal category, but he lacks executive experience. Plus, he backed Clinton over Obama in the primaries.

    Gregoire is the only serious contender and it doesn’t look as if she will be a nominee.

  3. The President-elect is not dumb, he already knows that any true lib will follow him, no matter what happens. He is after the other groups now that may be swayed later on. As a politician, he always needs to be looking for the next vote.

    As for the centrist cabinet, he is quickly learning that the game of campaign politics is a lot different from real life governing. He’s getting the real-time intel briefs and is learning that the world has definite shades of gray to it. Campaign promises are easy and a dime a dozen…real life is a little harder.

    Why anyone would want the job of President is beyond me and any man who takes it has my respect.

    Wasn’t it John Adams who said “No man who ever held the office of president would congratulate a friend on obtaining it.”

  4. Gary Locke would be great in whatever capacity he chose to serve.

    The toll of being president is evident in the faces…the before and after president photo… shocking visible strain.

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