12 thoughts on “Away for the Week

  1. You’re either still checking in, have someone else at the Sun on watch duty, or have disabled some of the moderation parameters. There’s a post with four links which landed in the blogs tonight.

  2. RV,

    That post posted by itself. I had taken the h t t p :// off of each of the link locations so that it would get past the filters and people could just cut and paste the link into their browser.

    I was pretty shocked when I saw that the h t t p… was put back in and it created links out of them. I was unaware that would happen.

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. See. 😉

    I did not type in the “h t t p: / /”. It was added automatically.

    It seems that the filters only capture and retain posts for moderating when they have links that use the “h t t p: / /” at the front end of the location.

    Kathryn Simpson

  4. Kathryn,

    If the http was put back in, your post with four URLs shouldn’t have made it through. Besides, triple www has the same effect in html.

    Perhaps it’s those hugs you and Steven exchange. It certainly set off my inbox by the citizens and public officials who notice it. 😉

    Btw, if you’re still up for IslandWood, drop me a line.

  5. I like my hug conspiracy better. 🙂

    Something tells me they’ll fix that loophole. Though really, the checkpoint makes little sense. Most who post here are regulars and not prone to include malware in their links. (Watch someone do it now…)

  6. As a liberal elitist Mac and Linux user I skoff at malware and viruses.

    Sure Al Gore did not intent TCP/IP but he did pass legislation back in the 80s. that turned DARPANET into the modern civilian internet we all know and love.

  7. Hey all,

    I am checking in a little bit, but did not yesterday when those posts were either held for moderation or passed without trouble. I checked in today and saw that one post was being held. I’m as confused as you are as to why some get through and others don’t, anymore. There are other moderators on this blog, but I don’t know if that four-link post got right past the gate without being held. I’ll check my e-mail.

    Since we changed to the new program, I know less about the technical parameters than I used to.

    As for keeping some parameters, what you don’t get to see are the number of posts that don’t get added, because I delete them. You only know about it if it’s your own. We do get a fair amount of spam comments, though not as much as we used to. All of you are doing great. Thanks for putting up with the seeming random moderation.

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