Port Reconsidering Godstream Contract

Just got a notice that port commissioners will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday night to reconsider the contract they had signed with Godstream Tech. I’ll post more when I know more.

Just talked to Port Commissioner Bill Mahan. He said he didn’t yet know why the meeting had been called.

I’ve left a message with Cheryl Kincer, commission president.

I don’t think I’ll have any more tonight.

20 thoughts on “Port Reconsidering Godstream Contract

  1. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Golly, the Port received two letters of intent with more sure to come. I am sure that with all that has happened, 150% tax increase, 200 feet of Port Orchard Marina given to the tribes, giving the income from the SKIA to Bremerton via annexation, an empty building that was built to attract economic development to the area, a record of upfront dealings with the public and taxpayers, the Port has fully vetted/investigated/researched the Godstream, LLC company. Remember, it is for our economic good that the Port of Bremerton Commissioners have gone out of the way to potentially use $50,000 of taxpayer funds to ensure all will be well and we save money when they build the new green building using the vast knowledge and skills passed on by the Godstream, LLC company. It could be they will use additional taxpayer funds ($5,000 to $150,000) to take a vote or survey to see how the taxpayers/voters may want to spend the next few millions of dollars. Again, all for the economic development of the Port Districts (Bremerton being the major beneficiary). They did remove the 1% levy/IDD tax increase that saved $70,000 of taxpayer money, so they are really there to help us, the taxpayer and voter.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  2. Just in case, yes I am being sarcastic with above blog entry. The 1% drop was just a symbol for the Port Commissioners. They hope it will show they are sensitive to the taxpayers desires. One wants to take a mail in survey, another would rather have a vote run by the auditors office, and the third would rather drop both ideas and get on with life. It makes you wonder how connected any of the Commissioners are to the public they serve. Mr. Mahan has a very large district while the others have physically smaller districts but a higher population count. It would seem by now they would have a good feel for what their districts voters and taxpayers think. But I would not bet on that just yet. I would bet they have received significant feedback from those outside the three districts who have an interest one way or the other for SEED to develop. To bad the information/knowledge that is available can not be explained to the taxpayer/voter in a way that makes sense and could build support.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  3. Interesting that Mr. Mahan knows nothing about this meeting. There is nothing on the Port of Bremerton’s webpage about this meeting this morning. Is the public invited?

    Not asking for the 1% increase means little to me, because they can just bank it and by law get a 2% increase next year or get the 1% back whenever they want in future years. If they would have passed a resolution stating they would never ask of this one percent increase in future years without a vote of the people then it would mean something to me.

    Lets also make sure Mr. Mahan feelings on Goldstream is also posted here:

    Posted by billmahan on November 14, 2008 at 11:52 a.m.
    Lets be clear about one thing, I didn’t agree to a contract with Noah Israel and Godstream Technologies LLC with out due diligence. First I checked out refrences and found Mr. Isreal to be viewed as honorable, a man of integrity, very dedicated and thorough. He brings with him a team that is very respected in the industry. First Art Krenzel an engineering graduate and Phil Hawes an architect that among other experiences worked on the Biosphere 2 project for eight years.

    Secondly, Mr Isreal has never declared or been involved in bankruptcy.

    Bill Mahan

  4. The Port’s website indicates: “A special Port Commission meeting will be held November 18, 2008 at 7:00p.m. in the Terminal Bldg at Bremerton National Airport.”

    Not a bad idea.

    I’d like to know more about due diligence — references, metrics and deliverables. By how much will the building costs be reduced? Will it be sufficient enough to render the $50k payment a valuable ROI? What are the actual terms of the agreement and Letters of Intent?

  5. I wonder what the port district’s contracting policies are. This was an unsolicited proposal from a previously unknown entity, so far as I can tell. It was not on the Nov. 13 agenda, at least not according to the onine version. Who obligated the port district to comply with the contract? Under what circumstances does the port district put proposed contracts on the agenda for discussion and approval by the commissioners?

  6. It has several agreements on its agendae which were Action Items calling for comments then a vote. This one was presented and voted upon for inclusion at the meeting along with Larry’s advisory vote.

    In any case, it would be prudent to document some procedures going forward if the Port hasn’t already done so. Should SEED go forward, it will be approached by all sorts of companies who want to ‘help’. There has to be a vetting process in place, as well as staff functions to check references and include standard provisions in its contracts.

    The Port of Seattle has a Small Works roster of contractors for opportunities under $200,000, and another for consultants and larger construction. There is also a small business roster for vendours and suppliers….all part of its efforts towards a competitive bidding process. I wonder if the Port of Bremerton has something similar.

  7. I’m a little confused by the Port Commissioner’s role in bringing GodStream’s contract to the Port with such little notice Thursday night. It seemed so rushed. It wasn’t on the regular agenda. What would have been harmed in waiting to ratify the contract two weeks while the Port staff had a longer chance to do the due diligence?

    The role of the Commissioners is one of governance. The role of Port staff is operations. Just as I was surprised that a commissioner surprised staff with a motion to not take the 1% tax raise, I am surprised that a commissioner is the one bringing this contractor and contract forward, especially on such short notice.

    Kathryn Simpson

  8. You’re forgetting one, aren’t you? Larry made a motion for an advisory vote on the GO bond and it wasn’t on any prior agendae.

    The Port should have taken more time to conduct its due diligence before the initial vote to contract with Godstream. Once questions began to surface regarding references, scope of work, and the Letters of Intent, this was an opportunity to get those answers for themselves and the public while taking a week or so to re-negotiate terms. Interview the proposed team, contact more company clients as listed on the website, speak to IslandWood and Sellen Construction – both local, hold a preliminary meeting between Godstream and Mithun to watch the former in action. Many options here.

    Now the questions posed earlier in the meeting by the Commissioners – and those of citizens – are moot. Instead of conferring with these entities, there was a decision midstream to rescind a prior motion and stop everything cold. There is nothing wrong with revisiting and being willing to change one’s mind when more information presents itself, but this was a reactive vs. proactive decision tonight. It creates bad blood with potential business partners, and this precarious status is not improved by those who swarm like a pack of rabid jackals to publicly skewer all who appear.

    Each commissioner expressed excitement regarding the potential of the Letters of Intent, but now we’ll never know the potential for tenants in the one building or the leads for SEED. If they were real but for some details, this was a significant screw-up. If vapourware it’s time to recover. What about O’Brien & Company? Not only was it already hired by the Port for consulting on SEED, but it provided LEED project management to Kitsap Community Resources towards Silver certification, helped the project achieve recycling of 90% of waste from construction, saved 20% in energy costs relative to a standard code building, and implemented “green” housekeeping and landscaping practices. No synergy here?

  9. RogerGay makes good points..
    “One wants to take a mail in survey, another would rather have a vote run by the auditors office, and the third would rather drop both ideas and get on with life. It makes you wonder how connected any of the Commissioners are to the public they serve. Mr. Mahan has a very large district while the others have physically smaller districts but a higher population count. …”

    I’m not commenting here – but have a suggestion:

    Other than door to door visits, I suggest the best way for the Commissioners to know their voters and the public they serve is by way of a survey.

    Why haven’t they sent one? Will they send one?
    Sharon O’Hara

  10. And calling those who question proceedings on this “project” a “pack of rabid jackals” doesn’t create bad blood?

    Fallacy of presupposition.

    There’s a difference between questioning procedures, and those who made rude comments and assumptions about Israel and his religious involvements. I referred to the latter. Are you defending their actions?

  11. If you are referring to characterizations like “bankrupt utopian cult”, yes, I think it is entirely appropriate. It speaks to a poverty of business sense and an over-abundance of philosophy bordering on fanaticism. To date, an apt description of the SEED project in toto.

  12. I don’t think you want to hear my views on religion. Despite them, the point is whether or not the insults are germane to the issue…or even true to begin with. They add nothing to meaningful discussion.

  13. Rude comments, assumptions, due diligence, and quite a few other descriptive phrases. It all boils down to our elected Port of Bremerton Commissioners and the Port of Bremerton staff not doing their jobs. Last minute, back door deals and sudden desire to have an insight on how the voting public might feel does not pass for good stewardship of the Port District. No matter what is found out about Godstream LLC and its founders, no matter how many voters/taxpayers from inside or outside the Port District talk or argue about SEED, no matter whether the commissioners voted against a 1% tax increase or voted for a 150% tax increase, the three commissioners are what we elected into the position to represent us. The confusion, lack of planning, lack of disclosure, and lack of an ability to explain to the public what is the vision is a reflection of us, the voters and taxpayers. We have allowed this to happen and have sat idly by and let a few dictate what is good or bad for us. Do you really think the 20 to 30 people at the Port meetings (at least the meetings at the airport) and the 100 or so at the town meeting is a fair representation of all three districts? We can blog our dissatisfaction, comment at a monthly meeting, or even e-mail our district rep, that is still a small part of the total voter list for the Port District. Can any of the Port of Bremerton Commissioners really say they know their voters and taxpayers? Can they have the intestinal fortitude to tell the voter/taxpayer that they are wrong and the Commissioners are right and explain why? Even at the last airport meeting it was obvious that some of the people present did not really know what SEED was all about. They were operating on rumor or speculation with little fact to back their arguments. Whats next? Will the commissioners decide by a roll of the dice, Tarot cards, or show of hands from everyone at the next Port meeting when its comes to deciding about SEED, or for that matter anything?
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  14. Spot on in many regards, Roger.

    Do you really think the 20 to 30 people at the Port meetings (at least the meetings at the airport) and the 100 or so at the town meeting is a fair representation of all three districts?

    This is quite a poignant comment. Based upon the vocal minority one could easily come away with the impression that the entire community is up in arms over SEED and the Port. I found it interesting that a public meeting only amassed a bit over 100 attendees, just as the nearly 50/50 split contradicts comments that “the community” is opposed to the project.

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