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Well, that didn’t go well, did it. My laptop wouldn’t let me connect to the Internet, so I couldn’t live blog. Better there than at something really critical.

The two meetings were very well attended, about 100 total when you don’t include port staff and reporters. Larry Stokes said he wants a vote on it. Most of those who commented on that favored it, though one audience member said it is the commissioners’ job to make that decision.

From my perspective the crowd was a pretty even mix of those in favor and those opposed, as well as a few undecideds. There were some good questions from all three camps and a couple of arguments. Go to the link above. There’s a short video for a little flavor.

3 thoughts on “From the Town Hall

  1. Where is the link for the video? Maybe I have gremlins in my computer as this isn’t the first time in this blog that I couldn’t find something that was referred to.

    I was surprised that more care wasn’t taken at the meeting to have people state whether or not they were in the Port’s taxing district, you know, the ones that will be paying for this. Most, but not all stated where they were from, but “Bremerton” doesn’t mean you are in the tax paying area as much of East Bremerton isn’t. Also it was said that one “was a tax payer”, but on further clarification, she said she lived in Poulsbo.

    I’m all for anybody opining to shed light on the subject, but it seems terribly relevant whether they have to pay for it or not. Several of the proponents were not from the Port’s areas area while it seemed all the opponents were. I guess that is no surprise as why would anybody oppose something that may contribute to the environmental cause, even with a lot of risk, if you don’t have to pay for it? A vote by Port area’s tax payers would certainly clear this problem up. It seems obvious that Commissioner Cheryl Kincer will make the decisive opinion.

  2. Steve,

    I couldn’t get linked into the venue’s WI-FI either. It would connect, but then just hang endlessly.


    Move your mouse over the second paragraph’s first three words. There is a link there.

    Side note to Steve, it would be easier to see the links if you color change or underline the words that are also hyperlinks.

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. The Town Hall was about the SEED project, not just the matching funds for the incubator. To date, funds were paid to the Port by the county, state and federal government. More are expected if this is approved and proceeds.

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