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Visiting Reagan Country

September 12th, 2008 by Steven Gardner

I’ll be away from the beautiful Olympic Peninsula over the next week on a trip to Utah for a family wedding.

Still, I may post occasional items while in the shadows of Lone Peak and Timpanogos. That’s if I’m not too busy gawking at the changing colors and the relentless blue sky, or boring my children by pointing out every place I lived or ate or walked or had my car break down while I was in college. “Oh my heck!”

I’ll also miss the first Gregoire-Rossi debate. One good thing, Rossi still hasn’t scheduled another visit to Kitsap for me to miss.

Talk to you all on Monday the 22nd, if not sooner.

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5 Responses to “Visiting Reagan Country”

  1. Sharon O'Hara Says:

    Have a great time!!!!!!

  2. Housing Says:

    You’re wrong about the last line: Rossi was in Kitsap last Friday to attend the Affordable Housing Council annual dinner.

  3. Spin Says:

    As I recall, Washington was Reagan Country as well…1988 re-election landslide, winning 48 states. California voted Reagan, too, but many years have passed — and many new immgrants have moved in.

  4. Builder Says:

    The last line is incorrect: Rossi was in Kitsap this past Friday attending the Affordable Housing Council annual dinner.

  5. California Says:

    Reagan Country is California. He was the two term governor and had his personal residence in Santa Barbara. Presidental library is in California too.

    Utah is most definitely Joseph Smith Country.

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