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Sounding Board members are ready. Earlier I mentioned that South Carolina-Vanderbilt game. I know there’s an NFL game before John McCain’s speech, but that thing is supposed to be over before he starts. If it isn’t and you can’t bear the idea of not knowing right away which team is the first to win a regular season game this year, well come to the post-GOP live blog anyway. After he’s done talking, our Sounding Board will commence, much as they did after Sen. Barack Obama’s speech last week. Feel free to chime in.

6 thoughts on “Post GOP Live Blog

  1. You should probably edit that Kitsap Sun “Live Blog” image so it doesn’t have the underlined red line that indicates MS Word/OO Writer thinks “blog” is misspelled. 🙂

  2. If Ron Paul outraised Rudy Guliani and Fred Thompson and got more votes than they did combined how come they get to speak at the RNC and he is shut out? That is very “Democratic”.

    PS. Tell the St. Paul DA to drop the charges againt Amy Goodman and the Democracy Now three.

  3. John McCain — BRAVO ZULU. Great 39th RNC and best of luck. The choice factor is clear. You offer the only real choice. THE ONE is helium rhetoric with no credentials.

    Also, great selection with Sarah Palin. Again, she is a stellar candidate and one only has to see the venom of the left to know you have a really great choice.

    Go out and gut the moose.

  4. So let me see if I can understand this…

    The Republicans have controlled the White House for all but 8 out of the last 28 years…

    The Republicans have had a majority in the House of Representatives for 12 out of the last 14 years, and in the Senate for more than 8 out of the last 12…

    Republican presidents have appointed 7 out of the 9 current justices to the US Supreme Court…

    And now those same Republicans are trying to masquerade as outsiders taking on Washington and its “elites?”

    And they’re hanging it on a “hockey mom” who hired a lobbyist to bring home pork when she was mayor, and who was for the bridge-to-nowhere before she was against it as governor?

    They might be able to pull it off since Palin is clearly a gifted politician – but only if they can limit Palin’s public appearences to canned speeches delivered to pep-rallies with audiences who have been vetted better than she was…

    Obama has been criticized for being little more than a great public speaker – fair enough.

    But at least he stood up to be vetted by his party, the press, and the American public.

    So far, Palin is just a barbie-doll with a string in her back that the Republicans can pull to hear their favorite talking points…

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