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Only Kitsap Caucus Readers Get the Leap on the Kitsap Sun Sounding Board

August 22nd, 2008 by Steven Gardner

Oh sure, you could wait until Sunday and read this in the paper. Or maybe you could wait until it goes live online, usually sometime Saturday night.

But you, faithful (or just happened to stop by) Kitsap Caucus readers can have a sneak peak at the story we have introducing the Kitsap Sun Sounding Board. This is the group who will help us cover the 2008 general election, by being sources and weighing on key events.

Hey, I may not be able to text-message all of you when I announce my choice for veep. But every once in a while I can get you something those not wise enough to read this blog don’t get until hours later. Pat yourself on the back for being so sharp.

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4 Responses to “Only Kitsap Caucus Readers Get the Leap on the Kitsap Sun Sounding Board”

  1. NIkky Says:

    Wow! A sneak peak!
    I can hardly contain myself.

  2. Tom Rosendale Says:

    Let me know by text message when the leap has leapt.

  3. Mike Says:

    Interesting group provided their political affiliation descriptions are accurate.

  4. Tom Rosendale Says:

    Just where was the sneak preview? It’s now on the Sun web page, but I still don’t see any descriptions here in the Kitsap Caucus blog.

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