Congressman Was Here — Now He’s Not

U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair is stopping stopped by to visit with our editorial board. I might get got to lob a couple questions.

I’ve got some in mind, but I’m open to suggestions. Leave a comment if you’ve got one burning.

I was hoping to have the laptop in the room so I could see your questions, but I didn’t get that done. He did discuss FISA and Iraq, though probably not in the way Jake would have framed the question.

For all candidates we’ll be offering them three minutes (give or take a few seconds) on video to make the case for election. Dicks gave his three minutes, then I asked him a few questions afterward about oil drilling (offshore and ANWR), a second economic stimulus package and ferries. I also asked if he would debate his general election opponent (assuming he’s one of the top two). He said he always does, but waits for the general election.

On the three-minute speech I think we’ll wait until we get one from his opponent before we post it. On the other conversation we taped and the rest of it we’re still deciding what to do. Norm hasn’t yet sent us our editorial instructions. (In the interest of full disclosure, the previous sentence was a joke, though many of you won’t believe that.)

2 thoughts on “Congressman Was Here — Now He’s Not

  1. Ask him if his votes for Retroactive Immunity for Telecom Spys, his sole passing vote of CAFTA and his support of the International Speedway Corporation Pork for NASCAR bill had anything to do with previous corporate donations made to his past campaigns?

    Also ask him if the Navy really needs the Zumwalt class Destroyer program when we have the SSGN Sub program here in Kitsap.

    Ask him if he and Congressman Murtha have a real budget plan in preparation to get our troops out of Iraq in 2009 in accordance with President Obama’s 100 day plans.

    Ask him if he Supports Congressman Markey’s Network Neutrality Legislation.

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