Filing Frenzy Begins (and Continues)

It’s Monday of filing week and here are the early birds. The only name on this list I hadn’t heard before was Republican Doug Cloud, who’s running as a Republican against Belfair Democrat Norm Dicks. Cloud ran against Dicks in 2006 and received 29.4 percent of the vote. There is another Democrat, Paul Richmond, and Green Party candidate, Gary Murrell, expected to file to run in the same race.

UPDATE: We’ll keep a running list here. Kathy Haigh in the 35th is in.

TUESDAY MID-DAY UPDATE: Daryl Daugs is in the 35th. Jeanette Dalton is in the race for the Kitsap Superior Court’s first seat.

TUESDAY LATE DAY UPDATE: Marco Brown and Herb Baze in the 35th. Larry Seaquist in the 26th

WEDNESDAY MID-DAY UPDATE: Jay Inslee’s filing is in.

WEDNESDAY LATE MID-DAY UPDATE: Connie Lord has filed to run against Rockefeller in the 23rd. Also, I hadn’t been posting the filings from the Court of Appeals Division 2, District 2, which is our court. Robin Hunt was among the first to file this week.

WEDNESDAY EARLY LATE DAY UPDATE: Kim Abel and Jan Angel filed in the 26th. Brad Gehring sent an e-mail saying he filed at 3:15 3:30 p.m., which is probably true. The state, however, does a background check that can last a few hours, so he may not get on the list today. In the 23rd Larry Cooney filed to run against Sherry Appleton and Christine Rolfes filed to run for re-election.

WEDNESDAY LATE DAY UPDATE: We have a race for auditor. John Clark of Silverdale has filed to run as a Republican against Walt Washington.

THURSDAY MID-DAY UPDATE: Democrat Paul Richmond has filed to run against Norm Dicks, as has Green Party candidate Gary Murrell. Brad Gehring is in one race in the 35th as a Republican. Randy Neatherlin is in the other, but says he’s from the “No Gas Tax (G.O.P.)” Party. Mark Lowe e-mailed saying he filed today, but the county hasn’t posted it yet.

THURSDAY LATE DAY: The state attorney general ombudsman, Tim Ford, has filed to run against Robin Hunt in the Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 2 race. I would guess the county would have one more update today.

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Larry Ishmael, Republican, filed to run against Jay Inslee in the First Congressional District. Mark Lowe’s filing in the 23rd is in.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Sandra LaCelle is running against Steve Bauer for the norther Kitsap County commissioner seat. LaCelle’s filing means every partisan race will be contested. This may be my last update, as I’m taking off early today. Also, I hadn’t listed the Public Utility District Commission, District 2 seat race, which has two challengers.

County Commissioner District 1 (North)
Steve Bauer (Democrat)
Sandra LaCelle (Republican)

County Commissioner District 2 (South)
Charlotte Garrido (Democrat)
Monty Mahan (Democrat)
Tim Matthes (Republican)
Paul Nuchims (Independent)

County Auditor
John Clark (Republican)
Walt Washington (Democrat)

Public Utility District Commission, District 2
Lee Caldwell
Pete Favazza

State Representative, District 23, Seat 1
Sherry Appleton (Democrat)
Larry Cooney (Republican)

State Representative, District 23, Seat 2
Mark Lowe (Republican)
Christine Rolfes (Democrat)

State Representative, District 26, Seat 1
Kim Abel (Democrat)
Jan Angel (Republican)

State Representative, District 26, Seat 2
Marlyn Jensen (Republican)
Larry Seaquist (Democrat)

State Representative, District 35, Seat 1
Marco Brown (Republican)
Brad Gehring (Republican)
Kathy Haigh (Democrat)

State Representative, District 35, Seat 2
Herb Baze (Republican)
Daryl Daugs (Democrat)
Fred Finn (Democrat)
Randy Neatherlin (Republican)

State Senator, District 23
Connie Lord (Republican)
Phil Rockefeller (Democrat)

Kitsap County Superior Court Judges
Seat 1
Jeanette Dalton
Bruce Danielson
Gregory Wall

Seat 2
Leila Mills

Seat 3
Anna Laurie

Seat 4
Theodore Spearman

Seat 5
Jay Roof

Seat 6
Russell Hartman

Seat 7
Karlynn Haberly

Seat 8
Sally Olson

Court of Appeals Division 2, District 2
Tim Ford
Robin Hunt

First Congressional District
Jay Inslee (Democrat)
Larry Ishmael (Republican)

Sixth Congressional District
Doug Cloud (Republican)
Norm Dicks (Democrat)
Gary Murrell (Green)
Paul Richmond (Democrat)

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  1. My name is Riley Sweeney, and I am Norm’s field director for Kitsap County. If anyone has any questions for me about the campaign, you can contact me at We are running a full campaign this year and welcome all challengers to the race.

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