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It’s come down to counting popular votes in the Democratic presidential nomination race. Real Clear Politics demonstrates six ways you can count popular votes and all of them include those cast in Puerto Rico. On NPR, a Real Clear Politics editor John McIntyre explains that when you’re looking at the popular vote, you probably end up with a virtual tie.

” . . . they both have legitimate claims and metrics to say that they won more votes.”

Including Puerto Rico is fine, I say, because the party said from the outset that the votes there would count toward the nomination. The party also said it was delegates that mattered, which so far is a big problem for Clinton. You can’t accept the weird rules here and not the other rules, there. So if you have an unconvincing tally with popular vote (because counting popular votes includes guessing how the caucus states would have turned out) and a reasonably close race among delegates (not including the superdelegates), then Clinton can try to campaign for the superdelegates to go her way and maybe it wouldn’t seem so much like the party bosses were taking away the nomination from Obama.

From what I’ve read, though, that isn’t going to happen. In Washington, anyway, more supers are going the way of the Illinois senator, with the latest announcing Monday.

If this is an indication of what will happen elsewhere, Obama could have the nomination all but locked up Wednesday.

My prediction: Clinton will suspend her campaign, just in case there is some sort (one that matters) of Obama meltdown between now and the convention.

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