The View from the Inside

Chris Henry writes on the Speaking of South Kitsap blog about Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola’s shifting or non-shifting views on the county’s relationship with the Puget Sound Regional Council.

Toward the end of the entry is a conversation about how things look from the inside.

Regarding the column and writing columns in general, Lary said that his views on a lot of things have changed as he has become more familiar with the ropes of local government.

“I’ve learned a lot more about the inner workings of this stuff than I knew from the outside,” he said.

“Has it changed your perspective?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ve realized that some things aren’t as black and white as they seem. … When you look at something from the outside without having all the information, things are sometimes very different from what they appear on the surface. … I’m trying to take a more thoughtful approach to things because the quality of the information I’m working with is a lot better than it was before.”

2 thoughts on “The View from the Inside

  1. “I’ll ask him why he doesn’t want Norm Dicks to be able to have earmarks. Not really, I won’t ask that. But really, how come ?”

    Because it means jo noone in S Dakota may or may not get bigger earmarks . Why not allow the citizens in their own states pay for what they have , if you want a bridge to no where , move to no where .

    Federal spending should be debated in the open , its our money . State spending also , and county and city money . Its our money , not only the money of special interests .

  2. This is the same comment I posted on Chris’ blog…


    I’m surprised you left out the part where I said I strongly concurred with Commissioner Bauer when he stated that if we’re going to remain in PSRC, we need to be active and engaged at every level. This was the very same statement to which only person in the audience applauded – Vivian Henderson.

    Kitsap’s membership in the PSRC isn’t a KRCC decision, but one made by the commissioners. So my feelings about it – uncertain or not – are moot. It’s not my decision. But if the commissioners do decide membership is in the best interests of our county, than I will willingly participate at the highest and most beneficial level for Kitsap County and the City of Port Orchard that is attainable within its power structure.

    I hope that puts your questions to rest.


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