Ammons, Who Cared, Says ’30’

You may have read David Ammons’s farewell column. The Associated Press’ man in the capitol for 37 years decided to leave his post to work for Secretary of State Sam Reed. I’ve seen lots of praise for Ammons in the past couple of weeks. I also heard some revealing stories from fellow Kitsap Sunner Andrew Binion, stuff he saw as he interned and worked during the Legislature.

Copyright 2008, The Associated Press. Veteran Associated Press political writer Dave Ammons, right, shakes hands with Republican Presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., as McCain boards a small bus for a ride with media members to a rally, Feb. 8, 2008, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

My own interactions with Ammons have been few. He was one reporter I wanted to meet, so first chance I had, I believe when the NASCAR issue was a live one, I went up and introduced myself.

I learned more in February when John McCain was in town. (I’ll post an AP photo here later.) I was invited to swim with the big boys and girls and ride the shuttle McCain took from Boeing Field to a campaign event downtown. There were about a dozen of us, including Ammons.

We waited, from my recollection, about an hour before McCain arrived. A reporter who most of us knew had been keeping a grueling schedule following the campaigns climbed aboard and had a seat. Ammons asked him how he was doing, which in itself was unremarkable. What I noticed, though, was that it was clear Ammons actually cared about the other reporter’s answer.

During our wait Ammons got on his cell phone. We’re professional eavesdroppers and snoops, so I make no apologies for noticing what his conversation was about. He was making sure someone in his church was being taken care of.

From all I hear that small thing I noticed is indicative of Ammons’ character. I’ll remember that moment more than anything he ever wrote. I hope he’d take that as a compliment.

One thought on “Ammons, Who Cared, Says ’30’

  1. I always enjoyed reading his columns for the most part .

    Too bad . He was doing a public service where he was . Who is replacing him ?

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