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Recognize Anyone?

March 20th, 2008 by Steven Gardner

Well, here I’m going to give it away. Stop at the first photo if you haven’t played yet. See if you’re smarter than everyone else.

Here’s a hint. Think presidential election, but it’s not the candidate. I’ll give two more hints after 5 p.m.

5:05 p.m.: Time for another clue! I’m getting clever with this one. The person you need to spot is a female, but if you looked in her passport file you might think it was a man. Go!

Look at the picture below and see if you can guess which of these people is kinda/really/might be famous.



Assuming you’re acquainted with Google, you’ll quickly make the connection now. You can read more about our mystery person in Sunday’s edition. Have a great weekend.

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7 Responses to “Recognize Anyone?”

  1. Nikky Southerland Says:

    Knowing this newspaper’s fascination with Norm Dicks, I’m afraid that he would be my guess.

  2. suquamish Says:

    Looks kinda like George Bush in the top right corner

  3. Mike Eliason Says:

    The hair styles, clothing, glasses, and black/white photo are good clues, but I’m at a loss.

    How about another clue? “…kinda/really/might be famous” is too broad.

  4. whizzer Says:

    pre-op Bill Richardson, lower right.

    Nope. Try again.

  5. Jake Metcalf Says:

    Bill Clinton top row center?

    I feel your pain, because your guess is incorrect.

  6. Jack Utterback Says:

    Isn’t Google amazing……

    Obamas’ mommy :)

  7. Mike Eliason Says:

    Google works wonders…

    “You can’t turn on the television or go to dinner without hearing or seeing something about Barack Obama and his freight train run for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. Republicans and Democrats are buzzing about Obama, although not always for the same reason.

    Following it all closely is Susan Blake of Mercer Island, who went to Mercer Island High School with Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham, and graduated with her close friend in 1960.

    “The day after we graduated, she (Stanley) and her mother were on an airplane to Hawaii, to join her father who had already found a home for them to live,” says Blake.

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