Coppola Responds on SKIA

Lary Coppola’s comments in today’s story about a port commissioner’s concerns about a SKIA battle came during a short break in the Port Orchard City Council meeting. Today he had time to elaborate.

One of the reasons he’s bringing up a multijurisdictional solution for the South Kitsap Industrial Area is directly related to his role as mayor of Port Orchard.

“Port orchard is the poorest city in the county and I see my job as trying to do something for the economic opportunity for this city,” he said. “If SKIA annexes into Bremerton, I believe there should be some way for Port Orchard to benefit.”

He called SKIA the best economic development option since Bangor, since “we ran off the best opportunity since Bangor.” (Most of you will get that he’s talking about the speedway.)

Coppola is not sure how the structure would work, but has been told a similar model in in place in Snohomish County for Boeing. Multiple jurisdictions contribute to the infrastructure and all of them benefit from Boeing.

He again questioned whether Bremerton would have the money to provide infrastructure, especially when that city hasn’t nailed down a way to pay for street repairs.

Coppola said development would probably happen using one of the participating entity’s code, not by making up a whole new set of development rules. He again suggested the port as the lead agency in making that decision.

He responded to the port commissioners’ statement Tuesday that they’d do what’s best for the port. “I agree with that. That’s their job,” he said. “I believe exploring every possible opportunity is also part of their job.”

5 thoughts on “Coppola Responds on SKIA

  1. …”…”Port orchard is the poorest city in the county and I see my job as trying to do something for the economic opportunity for this city,” he said….”

    I agree with him…that is, or should be, his job.

    Something I do not understand is how the ‘poorest’ city could afford to waste prime crop space on the donated Howe Farm on ANOTHER ‘special interest’ dog park in SK?

    Tax payers paid $328,000. to fence and make the area good for the dogs to run off lead… how could such a poor city afford it? They don’t have areas for their children or seniors…but, by golly, they spent tax dollars for a couple dog owners park giving PO the most dog parks of any town in KC.

    Most agree Silverdale is a thriving place…and it doesn’t have a dog park….just parks for kids to play ball and sports.

    How do the dog parks figure in with the SKIA?

    Well, I would think SKIA deserves common sense, realistic and visionary minds …
    In my opinion… Sharon O’Hara

  2. Sharon, Howe Farm is a county park, not a Port Orchard city park. Port Orchard and its mayor have absolutely no say in what the county does with the county’s park. The money spent on the off-leash dog area at Howe Farm was spent by the county, not by the city of Port Orchard. Just as there is no connection between SKIA and the Howe Farm off-leash dog area, there is no connection between the park and the city.

  3. Bob … The mayor is also a Commissioner on the Kitsap County Planning Commission.

    The mayor of the city may not have influence over county actions … but doesn’t the Planning Commission Plan for the county?

    Additionally, Jan Angel, Commissioner and dog park advocate, nominated the present mayor to the County Planning Board.

    Knowing this, I have difficulty believing the mayor had nothing to do with the dog park travesty.
    In my opinion… Sharon O’Hara

  4. As Sharon has pointed out, when you connect the dots it does seem to come full circle, doesn’t it?

    I wonder about the Mayor’s decision to stay on the Planning Commission. Although legal, it just doesn’t seem appropriate, is there really no other person in all of SK that can fill this position?

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