Reid, Pelosi National Champs

Knowlegis has just released its congressional power rankings and the numbers are quite a bit different from two years ago.

That’s when Hansville (and former Bremerton Sun) political columnist Adele Ferguson wrote:

Washington, once the mightiest bastion of power in Congress, with Senate President Pro Tem Warren G. Magnuson, Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson as the leading national congressional voice in defense, and Speaker of the House Tom Foley, is in the basement.

Ferguson’s story ran in 2006 and referred to 2005 power rankings, when Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell, a Democrat was ranked 93rd out of 100 in Senate power. Had Ferguson used that year’s current numbers, Cantwell would have dropped to 99, for which she was gladly re-elected.

The change in power has served Cantwell well. Well, she is down 12 points this year, but that’s from 36 a year ago.

For some reason Republican Trent Lott of Mississippi isn’t included.

Sen. John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican is the lone senator to fall behind Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, the Republican who had a wide stance in a Minnesota airport public bathroom.

Ferguson’s column also included these rankings:

Freshman (Dave) Reichart achieved a higher score than tenured members McDermott, Inslee and Hastings because he had a “sizzle” factor, i.e., a unique background and experience. The former King County Sheriff was famed for his pursuit of the Green River Killer. “Baghdad Jim” McDermott sits on Appropriations but his anti-Bush mouthiness may have given him a “fizzle” factor, Inslee has tenure but does little other than echo McDermott’s criticisms of bush.

For the record, Republican Dave Reichart ranked number 167 (out of 435) that year, while McDermott came in at 210 and Inslee at 366.

Switch party control in the House and what do you get?

Inslee is at 68, McDermott is at 39 and Reichart is at 401.

Sen. Patty Murray is 21st in the Senate and U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks is 22nd in the House.

The state ranks 20th in Congressional power.

2 thoughts on “Reid, Pelosi National Champs

  1. Interesting … Senator Clinton ranks 9th and Obama 11th in the Senate (sandwiching McCain). Another good reason the Democratic party should not even consider that “dream ticket.” Either one as VP would be wasting the power they could wield in the Senate.

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