Neatherlin Makes it Official

Randy Neatherlin made his intention to run for the state House official by filing with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission last week and sending out a press release today.

“It’s not about political parties —– it’s about the people and it’s about principles. My vote is your voice and I refuse to be a political pawn.”

Neatherlin’s release indicates he was motivated to run because of support from citizens and results from a poll state party officials ran months ago. You can read the release in the extended entry to this post.

Everyone who has announced an intention to run in the three Kitsap County districts has now filed with the PDC. There are races for each of the House seats in the 26th and 35th districts, but not in the 23rd. State Sen. Phil Rockefeller, D-Bainbridge Island, also doesn’t have an opponent yet for his 23rd District seat.

The press release text follows.

February 25, 2008


“It’s not about political parties —– it’s about the people and it’s about principles. My vote is your voice and I refuse to be a political pawn.”

With that opening statement, longtime Mason County youth advocate, civic leader and Port of Allyn Commissioner Randy Neatherlin today declared his candidacy for State Representative Pos. 2 in the 35th District.

Neatherlin stated: “My decision to run was based upon several factors. Foremost was the groundswell of support from a wide-range of citizens urging that I run. I was also encouraged by the results of a poll conducted a few months ago. The poll indicated that I was the clear frontrunner against the other three announced candidates even though I was not in the race. We recently assembled an excellent campaign team and we are energized.”

Neatherlin listed his priorities as ferries and transportation, public education, and taxes.

“Frequent and reliable ferries are a lifeline to the 35th District. Vital for transportation and crucial for our economic viability. It is absolutely unacceptable the way in which Bremerton is treated by our state ferry system. Our citizens deserve better and I will work tirelessly to ensure that significant improvements in service occur”, said Neatherlin.

Neatherlin went on to add that “the Kitsap Peninsula is in dire need of a four year state college campus and more technical training. We owe our children the opportunity to work and live in the same community where they grew up in.” Neatherlin’s education platform places strong emphasis on student safety and focusing money directly into the classroom.

Neatherlin stated that “our state is on the verge of a justifiable full scale tax revolt. People are being forced to give up their homes because they can no longer bear this burden. Enough is enough!”

Neatherlin is married, the father of three children and resides in Belfair. He is a small business owner whose companies include a cedar mill, auto sales and repair, and property development. His activities include 18 years coaching kids in sports, and is a Shriner, Eagle, and a 32 degree Scottish rite.

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