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SKIA Could Go to Bremerton

February 22nd, 2008 by Steven Gardner

The South Kitsap Industrial Area, at least parts of it, could get annexed into Bremerton. I’ll flesh this out more next week, but here’s a brief synopsis. SKIA was land set aside years ago for industrial development, but getting infrastructure to the site has been a challenge. It has been long believed that Bremerton or Port Orchard would one day take over, since industrial areas tend to be found within city boundaries.

When International Speedway Corp. proposed building a speedway on property near SKIA, the company did a study on infrastructure. When the whole flap about Bremerton annexing the site came about, the city did its own study.

Though the speedway proposal died, the entire process shed some light on what it would take to get sewer and other services out there.

Getting the annexation for the private land owners would require Port of Bremerton cooperation, because it’s port property that’s contiguous to the city, and it’s pretty tough to do leapfrog development.

One of the port’s concerns is Bremerton’s business and occupation tax. That could go away in March when the Bremerton City Council considers an ordinance that would exempt port industrial tenants from the tax.

Though discussion about SKIA annexation has been going on for years, port commissioner Cheryl Kincer said the conversation level has been raised recently. Jan Angel, county commissioner, said she’s been trying for eight years to get development to South Kitsap. If it takes annexation, that’s fine with her.

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3 Responses to “SKIA Could Go to Bremerton”

  1. Jake Metcalf Says:

    With the receint string of annexation failures in Bremerton I would be shocked to see if the Mayor had the votes and money to pull it off.

  2. Roger G Says:

    Great, just what we need in rural South Kitsap. The Mayer of Bremerton wants the land and tax money, the Port of Bremerton agreeing, our Commissioner saying its ok. How much will my taxes go up this time? 200%? 500%? Where will it stop? Will South Kitsap get a tunnel to ease congestion for McCormick Woods and the SKIA? Will a study be done on the affect to the rural taxpayer? Will a board be formed from North Kitsap and Mason County residents to research the issues?? Will the Port of Bremerton decide for the whole Port of Bremerton district? Oh wait, they did raise taxes by 150% so they must know what is good for us lowly taxpayers. I can’t wait for this to go through, maybe I will finally have that sought after Bremerton zip code. Oh joy!

  3. Kyle Alm Says:

    Annexation failed because the city tried to incorporate established neighborhoods and get them to pay for services that they weren’t paying for.

    The people who own SKIA definitely want infrastructure to serve the future industrial uses that will locate there and make everyone rich, RICH, RICH I TELLS YA!!!

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