Obama Is a Cinch

Barack Obama will win the primary and general elections largely based on the votes “of nearly 60 million couch-bound women.”

From the Onion:

“Across the U.S., Oprah viewers’ anticipation for new Winfrey directives is reaching a fever pitch. In Winfrey’s home base of Chicago, throngs of fans gather outside her Harpo Studios headquarters around the clock, maintaining their silent, faithful vigil. Though the city’s streets are quiet, a palpable sense of expectation fills the air.”

Surely you’re aware Oprah has endorsed Obama and Chuck Norris is all about Mike Huckabee.

John Edwards has Kevin Bacon.

This story has information on other celebrities, including the all-important Jennifer Aniston and Robert Duvall votes.

Here is the place in the blog where I was going to insert a joke. My first take was “Personally, I’m waiting for the Judge Reinhold endorsement before I make up my mind.” As it turns out, he’s for Bill Richardson. My next choice was Wilford Brimley, but Wonkette beat me to that joke. Christopher Walken? He’s for Ron Paul, according to one spoof. Chris Kattan? He played John Edwards on Saturday Night Live, but I’ve not found him endorsing anyone, or any jokes referring to waiting for his endorsement.

“Personally, I’m waiting for the Chris Kattan endorsement before I make up my mind.”

Kattan grew up on Bainbridge. Someone here might have the inside scoop.

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