Does Hillary Inhale In Muskogee?

It’s not surprising that country-legend Merle Haggard has more critical things to say about President George W. Bush than positive. He’s always been an ornery cuss.

I covered a concert of his in early 2005, shortly after the election, and he didn’t seem pleased with 43’s performance then.

But backing U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, by writing her a song, is a bit shocking. This is the man more known for Movin’ On than

But in this interview with a Time Magazine columnist, he doesn’t really explain it very well.

But then again, it’s Merle. You can’t hold it against him. This is the man who sat in San Quentin prison dungarees and watched Johnny Cash belt out the classics. The man who provided a soundtrack for hippie-hating in the ’60s. His mama tried.

One thought on “Does Hillary Inhale In Muskogee?

  1. He still has the hippie-hating soundtrack.

    I’m surprised that he isn’t for Ron Paul. I always had Merle Haggard pegged for a libertarian.

    I wish a buck was still silver.

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