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Everything is Political

July 16th, 2007 by Steven Gardner

Steven Gardner:

A couple weeks ago I read the New York Times story about the 2005 aborted attempt to get a top Al Qaeda guy in Pakistan. Donald Rumsfeld called it off, fearing it would sour our relationship with Pakistan.

I guessed correctly that both sides would politicize the story, though I was incorrect in how I predicted it would be played. I found one conservative writer attributing motive to the New York Times, saying the paper was trying to make it look like George W. Bush was as weak on terrorism as Bill Clinton. The liberal criticism was that Bush thinks the only terrorists are in Iraq.

Then this last week following the announcement that Zina Linnik was dead, it didn’t take long to find her death tied to other political issues.

The Sound Politics blog had “And He’s a Registered Voter” as a headline about the suspect.

Horse’s Ass first took issue, then poked fun.

Is there anything that can’t be argued in political terms? The ending to The Sopranos? Ichiro’s new contract? Baby carrots? Macs and PCs? Disco?

I challenge you to come up with ideas of what you think can’t be part of a political argument. Then, once you’ve laid down your challenge, I further challenge the rest of you to demonstrate how, indeed, politics can invade every facet of our lives.

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21 Responses to “Everything is Political”

  1. Ian Says:

    We all know that only dirty liberal hippies use Macs, that one is too easy. ;)

    Honestly I’m having trouble coming up with a topic that couldn’t be politicized pretty easily.

    Really all I have is baby names, since my wife just had our third. So, my challenge to you all: politicize the name “Violet”. :)

  2. Stefan Sharkansky Says:

    Speaking just for myself, I don’t look for political angles in everything. But given that the name of the blog is “Sound Politics”, this it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of what’s discussed here will have a political angle of some kind.

    I don’t think I write about crime all that much, except when a public policy controversy is a bigger part of the story than typically the case. And yes, criminal justice is one of the paramount responsibilities of local government and when a failure of government is plausibly a contributing factor to the crime, then it’s a legitimate for the public to discuss and to question the actions of government. This case raises some important issues about immigration that merit public discussion.

    I find it interesting that those who criticized me for raising the issue didn’t have much to say other beyond criticizing me for “politicizing the issue”. That’s the tactic of someone who knows they don’t have a very good argument on the issues themselves and feels compelled to change the subject.

  3. Francis Kaner Says:

    I argue that it’s the other way around. Not that politics invade every facet of our lives, but that every facet of our lives is intrinsically political.

  4. Steven Gardner Says:

    Ian gave us our first challenge, and let me be one to answer it to get the game going.

    Your child’s name is Violet. One definition of it is “reddish-blue, a color at the opposite end of the visible spectrum from red.”

    Now this gets easy. Since the blue states are Democrats and reds are Republicans, you chose to name your daughter to reflect your political leanings. Violet being at the opposite end of red demonstrates our Democratic leanings, but there’s just enough red in the color violet to show that you’re not party line, that occasionally you’ll cross the aisle.

    It’s a stretch, of course, but that’s kind of the point of this discussion. That and to have a little fun.

  5. Zombie Games Says:

    Zzzzz Zzzzz ~~~ I am too busy trying to make a living to pay my increasing taxes. I’ll pass on this exercise.

    We are in a war with fine young solders from Kitsap. And we are playing with “Violet”?

  6. Colleen Smidt Says:

    Well, shades of violet and purple have political connotations thanks to either Pat Robertson or Jerry Fallwells (sp?) attack on the purple TeleTubby as having “gay” associations. Gheesh!!! What is the world coming to? LOL

  7. Steven Gardner Says:

    Well check that out. James Olsen (aka “Zombie Games”) actually complaining that something is too trivial for him. Never thought I’d find that issue.

  8. Jake Metcalf Says:

    Is there an list we can update somewhere will all of James M. Olsen’s blog names?

  9. Doug Breath Says:

    I thought that one of James Olsen’s blog names was “Jake Metcalf.” Different sides of the spectrum, but the same fanatical aura….

  10. Elliott Says:


    You’re right about the fanatacism, but at least Jake doesn’t pretend to be different people. a (small) point in his favor.

  11. Observer Says:

    I agree that everything can be politicized. What a fun exercise and the responses have been funny, too.

  12. Francis Kaner Says:

    Bravo! I love the analysis Steven, you just might be on to something…

    Stuff like this is why I keep reading this blog, even if Zombie Games doesn’t appreciate it.

  13. James M. Olsen Says:

    Steve gardner — you have reached the pinacle — CONGRATS !! Parlour games — no thanks. Actually my comment is political but be sure to let me knwo who Elliot is and who Liberal Curmedgeon is. Don’t be so thin skinned, Steve !!

  14. James M. Olsen Says:

    Elliott (no-last-name until Gardner reveals it) complimenting Jacob “Jake” Metcalf even in a small way. Talk about two peas from the same pod. Elliot (no-last-name) really went out on a limb with that compliment

  15. Mick Sheldon Says:

    Well check that out. James Olsen (aka “Zombie Games”) actually complaining that something is too trivial for him. Never thought I’d find that issue.

    Posted by: Steven Gardner

    Steve , will you tell us all the names of those who post under different names .
    Or just the ones who promote against your political views ?

  16. Mike Eliason Says:

    Ian wrote, “Really all I have is baby names, since my wife just had our third. So, my challenge to you all: politicize the name “Violet”. :)”

    Violet — popular name during the 60s and 70s. It’s a “Flower Child” name. Therefore, Violet’s parents must have attended Woodstock in person or in spirit. Liberals, of course.

    Now, my counter-argument would be my friend Violet and her parents are to the right of Sam Brownback and named their first-born son, “Barry” as in Goldwater.

  17. Jake Metcalf Says:

    Doug and Eliot am I must be missing when I harassed a county commissioner by filing a false voter registration challenge and then continued to rant about my the detainment of innocent women and children in WW2.

    Oh wait that wasn’t me that was James M. Olson Republican PCO.

    However sometimes I post as Jake Metcalf and sometimes as Jacob Metcalf… confusing I know.

    Boy it would be great if the obstructionist dead end radical right Republican Senators would stop their fillibuster so we could give the American people the Up or Down vote on the Iraq war that they want. I would support the “nuclear option” in the Senate if it meant we could finally end this illegal immoral bloody war in Iraq that Bush and the Republicans started.

    Thousands of people are dying and the Republicans are playing politics with their blood by stretching out this illegal war and occupation despite the Iraqi government asking us to leave.

  18. Gary J Says:

    To the extent that government invades every aspect of our lives, everything is political.
    Jake: You are off topic again.

  19. Gary J Says:

    Jake: You are name calling again. You thought the fillibuster was OK when the shoe was on the other foot.

  20. Mick Sheldon Says:

    Yikes ,
    It looks like 614 division Street is out of business.

    This is who shot JR all over again .

    Just shows you the world of blogging is on shaky ground .

    I think Violet did it , in the library with the candlestick .

  21. Elliott Says:

    I think “Violet” is neither a liberal name nor a conservative one. I think it’s a rock and roll name, especially if her middle name is “Femmes”.

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