Murderers Against Romney

Steven Gardner writes:

We got a handwritten letter from Massachussets Thursday that promised to provide intrigue into our presidential election coverage, which so far has amounted to running Associated Press stories and Thursday’s Jay Inslee endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

The letter reads:

Dear Sun

Please see Druce

Big Big Big

Call Donna @ (phone number) for more infor

The truths & a conspiracy are revealed

Mitt Romney will never be president

So I searched for a Joseph Druce entry. There was one lasting more than 10 minutes showing prison guards trying to get into a cell. For most of the video it’s all staring at the guards backsides as they continue to maneuver. I was wondering if suddenly I’d spot Mitt Romney emerging from the cell smoking a cigar escorted by three Hooters babes. Nothing like that. Someone eventually gets dragged out of the cell and the rest is people walking in and out of the cell.

I didn’t recognize the name Joseph Druce, so I googled it and found this Wikepedia entry.

Druce was in the same prison as John Geoghan, who was a Roman Catholic priest convicted of sexually abusing children and was a central figure in the bigger sexual abuse scandal. Druce trapped Geoghan in his cell, strangled him and stomped on him, killing him.

The incident earned Druce a second life-without-parole conviction.

The back of the envelope, which I hadn’t noticed before, had a stamp indicating the letter came from a Massachusetts Correctional Institution.

I did not bother to call Donna.

While on trial for the Geoghan murder Druce was composed, but took advantage to yell things to reporters, including this bit from WHDH-TV.

Other outbursts from Druce have focused on: Gov. Mitt Romney, accusing him of allowing his reported presidential aspirations to slow reforms of the Department of Correction;

On another site I found that late last year Druce filed a civil suit, naming six defendants, charging that he was misled about his defense strategy. Romney, however, wasn’t named in the suit. Druce claimed he was a political prisoner.

I think could a lot of things could spoil Romney’s chances for president. So far, though, I wouldn’t add this to the list.

My hunch is Druce has the time and money to look up lots of news organizations. At some point one of them is going to call Donna to find out more. I’m content to wonder.

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