Endresen tributes

Christopher Dunagan writes:

County Commissioner Chris Endresen, who is leaving office to work for U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, has been getting a lot of praise lately as she wraps up her final days for the county. I believe many of the local elected officials are truly fond of her and respect her for her knowledge and leadership.
At her last Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council meeting on Tuesday, Endresen said Kitsap County will be going through a tough period over the next couple of years. She recommended the book “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In”
by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury.
“We all serve the same citizens,” she said. “If we all remember what we’re trying to get done, it will make the job a lot easier.”

Fellow members of KRCC provided her a certificate with personal written comments:

Bremerton Mayor Cary Bozeman: “You have made a significant contribution to the quality of life of Kitsap County, and your leadership will be missed.”

Bainbridge Island Mayor Darlene Kordonowy: “Smart, tough, funny… I will miss your leadership and working with you. My very best wishes.”

Poulsbo Mayor Kathryn Quade: “Chris, you have been an inspiration to me. KRCC’s success depends on teamwork and cooperation — and a willingness to listen and seek common ground. You have exemplified that collaboration, and I will miss your thoughtful input to our discussions. I wish you success in your new position and look forward to working with you at this new level.”

Port Orchard Mayor Kim Abel: “Commissioner Endresen will be missed for her no-nonsense solutions to issues while staying true to her constituents’ wishes and hopes. She’s a true leader.”

County Commissioner Jan Angel: “Well, lady, we made history together being the first all-female Board of County Commissioners in the state of Washington. I wish you well in your new ventures.”

Suquamish Tribe Chairman Leonard Forsman: “The Suquamish Tribe is proud of the service of Commissioner Chris Endresen. Chris’ tireless efforts to improve county-tribal relations will go down in history as a great success. We greatly respect Commissioner Endresen’s support of our tribal sovereignty, recognition of our government-to-government relationship and commitment to protecting our natural and cultural resources. We wish her the best of luck in her new public service role.”

Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribal Chairman Ron Charles: “Chris, over the years I watched with admiration as you worked in this sometimes difficult, even controversial, environment, but you showed much courage, wisdom and grace in getting the job done. We wish you well in your new job with Senator Cantwell.”

Bremerton City Councilman Will Maupin: “Chris was a supporter of Bremerton long before it was a popular thing to do. If it were not for her leadership, Bremerton would not be where we are today, on the fast track to once again becoming a great city.”

Bainbridge Island City Councilman Bill Knobloch: “Thank you for my having a pleasant experience working with you on KRCC. My learning curve working with this group was very collegial and interesting. Your leadership was evident at the onset, and I appreciated your allowing me to learn how politics at the county level work. After four years, I feel my early political experience will have a chapter devoted to my observations of how you maintained the success representing the best interests of the county. Thanks again and good luck.”

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