Good-bye to zoning

Christopher Dunagan writes:

Remnants of Kitsap County’s brief experience with NASCAR are being dismantled, one by one. County planners have been pulled off the project, and county lawyers are tying up the loose ends.

To avoid fighting an appeal of the IMPRA (industrial multi-purpose recreation area) designation, the county commissioners may repeal that unusual place-holding zoning.
Here’s a short item I wrote for the paper:

Track Zoning Reconsidered

Kitsap County commissioners could be on their way to repealing a controversial zoning designation they implemented to support a proposed NASCAR track near Bremerton National Airport.

On Monday, the commissioners are scheduled to sign a settlement agreement with Coalition for Healthy Economic Choices in Kitsap (CHECK) and Kitsap Citizens for Responsible Planning. The two groups filed an appeal of the zoning, called Industrial Multi-Purpose Recreation Area, with the regional growth hearings board.

The settlement agreement calls for the county to hold a public hearing to determine if the IMPRA designation should be repealed. If repealed, the groups agree to drop their legal challenge.

IMPRA was approved as a “place holder” for 950 acres that could be used for a NASCAR track or other major development. Zoning rules required the county to negotiate a “development agreement” with the property owner prior to construction.

The hearing has not been scheduled, and the settlement agreement itself is not scheduled for public comment.

9 thoughts on “Good-bye to zoning

  1. Sorry if this sounds liek a Jacob sound bite but,

    Classic Washington State politics, “Legislation through Litigation”

  2. The zoning changes is just to cleaning up the after the mess that Lame Duck Lent left after she lost her position.

    Man I can’t wait to see how supporters of HB 2062 on the 2008 ballot ( Like Lary Copolla ) are going to be nailed with all the horrible stuff that was shoved into that albatross of a bill.

  3. So it’s ok for Endresen to undo the zoning as a parting shot on the way to working for Cantwell?

    That is so lame.

    The Planning Commission approved the rezone 7-2, I bet most of them are still there.

  4. Gotta let it go gals and guys. Just consider it a very close brush with disaster for the present and future of the place we call home.

  5. The zoning will be returned to it’s pre-Nascar status, just like I told Coby it would be. Why leave it that way and spend tax-payer money fighting the zoning?

  6. Kyle Alm wrote: “The Planning Commission approved the rezone 7-2, I bet most of them are still there.”

    Actually, the vote was 5 yes, 2 no, 1 abstain, 1 absent.

    Four of the PC members at that time (9/26/06) have since been replaced: Monty Mahan, Brian Bekeny, Deb Flynn, John Ahl.

    Three other members may not be on the PC much longer – Lary Coppola has announced that he will be running for Port Orchard mayor this year, Tom Nevins is seeking the appointment to Chris Endresen’s soon-to-be vacant county commissioner seat, and the term of Dean Jenniges, who was appointed by Patty Lent, expires at the end of this year and you can bet that Josh Brown won’t reappoint him.

  7. Ok, so only two people on the Planning Commission voted against it?

    I guess half right is ok, besides it shows that there was support for the track which is all that I was saying anyway.

    And no one is saying anything about “lame duck” Endresen, she gets a pass on any votes that she takes on her way to the new job.

  8. It’s time we thanked Charlie Burrow and KCRP for putting up all the money to fight this faulty zoning in the first place.

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