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Steven Gardner writes:

The folks at California Speedway are getting tired of being singled out as the example of NASCAR’s decline.

“I am really sick of talking about this,” she (track president Gillian Zucker) said.
Other NASCAR tracks — there are 14 that play host to two events a season — don’t get the same publicity when they fail to sell out, she said, adding, “There’s definitely a different standard that’s placed on this part of the country.”

The story is led with a comment by Dale Earnhardt Jr., who said “Hollywood could care less.”

The “My Name Is Earl” creator disagreed, saying the cast is full of fans. Indeed, the race I went to included appearances by at least two of the cast members from that show. Jim Belushi and the other guy from his show was there. So was Arnold the governor and former actor and Kelly Clarkson. That seems Hollywood.

3 thoughts on “L.A. Story

  1. I think they meant that Jim Belushi and someone from his school (Jim’s show) attended, because then they went on to talk about Governor S. and Kelly Clarkson.

  2. California Speedway should be held to higher standard. They benefitted from NASCAR’s push to new markets that resulted in taking dates away from established tracks like Rockingham, Darlington, etc. If they wanted the races, they need to deliver the fans. While attendance/viewership may be receeding from its peak, the new guys on the block need to justify the recent investment.

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