Meanwhile in Kentucky

Steven Gardner writes:

NASCAR and ISC responded in the antitrust suit against them. According to, who says legal documents can’t be funny?

In its filing, ISC almost comically challenges a Kentucky Speedway assertion, when discussing the ability of the track to host a Cup date, that the track is “also immediately accessible via helicopter.” To that statement, ISC responds: “ISC admits … that, to some extent, depending upon weather conditions, the entire planet, including the Kentucky Speedway, is ‘immediately accessible via helicopter.’ “

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Kentucky

  1. Well “accessible via helicopter” also means that there is an area with enough open space for a helicopter to land and take off without any danger of running into anything. This is essential for medical evacuations. Like say if some one crashes a car at a hundred and seventy miles an hour.

  2. This is hilarious. If NASCAR thought it could get better revenue by locating a race there, they would. Kentucky just needs to realize that the season is already saturated and NASCAR is going to be loathe to take a date away from an ISC track that is doing fine. Perhaps they can take the spring date at California and give it to Kentucky since they seem to be having trouble selling out that date.

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