Every One . . . Except One

Steven Gardner writes:

House Speaker Frank Chopp, a Bremerton native, was among those celebrating the opening of the Harborside Fountain Park in downtown Bremerton.

Among his comments were some words about U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair. Chopp said Dicks came to him with a list of items he wanted done in the Legislature in 2007.

“I think I got through every one this year, except one, and we won’t mention that one.”

We can all assume, if we want, what he mean by the one he missed, but I didn’t. I talked with him after and asked him what the “one” was. He didn’t want to say. “Can I guess?” I asked. Yes, I could guess, then he said there wasn’t a lot of local (legislative) support, which over and over is the reason cited. Chopp said it. Grant Lynch said it. Margarita Prentice said it.

Local legislative support. There’s your answer.

9 thoughts on “Every One . . . Except One

  1. “Local legislative support. There’s your answer”.

    That’s only part of the answer. The majority of the legislators listened to the concerns of their constituents who support them and who took the trouble to address them, and they investigated the proposal thoroughly. They were wise to listen to those that vote.


  2. I see Democrats scared of a vote on the project by the folks most affected. And now Chris Endresen gets her payback for keeping all those pesky Republican NASCAR voters out of Kitsap County.

    Hug that tree tight, Chris. Now you can do to the country what you did to us.

  3. I think Emilie is right. There are lots of southern culture sports that we in the northwest haven’t developed much of a taste for yet: racoon hunting, frog spearing, etc…but maybe we will?

  4. Norm and Frank were actually childhood friends when they were growing up in Bremerton. That is why when I met with Speaker Chopp at his office and he told me that he told Norm that the NASCAR bill was not going to happen that he was going to remain firm against it.

  5. I’ve been surprised by the lack of outrage from the pro-track supporters about the North Kitsap Commissioners’ decision to step down after helping repel the ISC. I thought we’d get some flash flood warnings from all the crying over that one. Guess I was wrong.

  6. Rich, why get mad…get everything. Now we can concentrate on getting some non bigoted, pro-business, pro-growth replacements in there. This opportunity is over. We will never have another like it again.

  7. Careful what you wish for. I said this opportunity won’t happen again. I didn’t mean that future ones would make less impacts and be less controversial.

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