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Steven Gardner writes:

The Oregonian had a story Monday about Oregon’s renewed efforts to get ISC to build a track there. Bear in mind, it doesn’t sound much different than how things started here. There are a few well-connected people looking for sites, but the general public down there has not had a speedway presented as a real proposal.

Here’s how the reporter characterized what happened in Kitsap County:

The latest to say no was Kitsap County after originally courting the International Speedway Corp., operators of 12 tracks nationwide that host Nextel Cup series events. County leaders backed off when local opposition emerged and the state was unwilling to pay for half the cost of a track.

But wait, there’s more:

Then leaders of Kitsap County invited Great Western to see privately-owned land that the county hoped to buy for a track, but they ended up backing out when residents said they were worried about drainage issues, traffic, noise and pollution.

Kitsap critics were unconvinced even when NASCAR officials promised to build their first “green” racetrack to capture all runoff water and control noise and pollution, and said they also would partner with a company that has managed traffic for large multi-day events such as the U.S.-hosted World Cup soccer tournament and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Well, OK then.

I spoke with Grant Lynch and he said the company is going to have to see a greater demonstration of top-to-bottom political support from an area before it would decide to spend any more time or money trying to locate in Washington, but he said he has been hearing from people in Eastern Washington.

Boardman, Ore. is also still in the mix, though not for ISC. Instead of “banking” on NASCAR, there are plans to spend $50 million to build four miles of track suitable for open-wheel racing. You may recall that last summer, the folks in Boardman were still talking NASCAR.

8 thoughts on “Oregon Chatter

  1. It would seem, based on the reception Jeff Gordon has recieved from NASCAR fans the past two weeks, Larry Seaquist may have been right on the money in his description of some of the fans.

  2. I think that Boise Idaho would be the best place for NASCAR. Idaho is a red state unlike Washington or Oregon which about as blue as you can get! Then let us travel for 8 hours, burn gas and spend our money in that State when they make the right decision.

  3. Gee Mark, with that logic then I guess since there are a few dozen mobile home dwellers on Braindead Island you could say that everyone from that Island is trailer trash!

    Get a grip dude, a couple dozen morons out of over 90 THOUSAND fans that chose to endanger fans and drivers is NOT indicative of the intelligence level of NASCAR fans.

    You guys kill me…..

  4. Note the word “some” in my sentence Lou. And the jump from folks living in mobile homes to being trailer trash? Don Imus would be proud of you!

  5. Dear Lou,

    You, dude, are the one who needs to “get a grip”. Have you ever checked out a major soccer event? Takes just about “a couple dozen morons” to set off the carnage. Same holds true for Nascar.

    Mark is spot on about his analysis of the Jeff Gordon example. If your ilk trashes the likes of Jeff Gordon, who’s next?

    Does Nascar eat their own?

  6. Mark,
    Your right, in my haste to respond I misread your comment. I guess I was blinded by Sen Chopp’s previous generalizations. Regardless, I apologize for going off half cocked. And I will be the first to apologozgize for my mistake in judgement. Obviously my passion for the sport overcame good judgement. Happens to everyone, in every sport. Nascar is not an exception but unfortunatley the norm when it comes to overzealous and misguided fans. I will also say that I have never and would never chuck objects at race cars, or sports players just because I didn’t like them.

    As for your original comment, your are correct in that NASCAR has more than it’s fair share of nuckle headed fans.

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