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  1. Steven,
    Thats a nice video, It was taken at Bremerton MotorSports Park by one of our clients. That is one of several groups that use our facility for their activities. If we are not able to relocate this site to a new location in the future, These groups will have no place to go.

  2. Ken, many of the Autocross groups have known for years that they could not rely on this site for a long term commitment. It has been drilled into us for as long as I can remember that we could be out of there on a 30 day notice. Because of that clubs have been scouting alternative sites in the pacific region. Some of them are rather nice. Not quite as wide open, as Bremerton, but still more than acceptable to hold events.

    There will still be places for us to go, just not in our own backyard and Kitsap County will loose another source of visitor revenue. Some of the SCCA National Tour Events draw a particularly large amount of participants from all over the country who come in for the week and stay at our hotels and eat at our restaurants. But Kitsap County has made it pretty clear that they have closed the door on any visitors or revenue associated with such a “low brow” sport as it has been referred to many times in the past. I enjoy racing at the grassroots level. I also enjoy having a location in my community where I can do so. It is unfortunate that any proposal related to racing is now tainted by the narrow minded backlash against ISC. Investors are wary of stepping forward or taking an interest for fear their personal names, reputations and companies will be slandered the same way ISC was. You have quite the uphill battle on this one my friend. Good luck.

  3. Coleen,
    We will continue to work toward a track that can be used by all.We have to assume that we will lose the site sooner than later or we will never get a new site.

  4. Colleen and Ken,

    very polite discourse which I appreciate. But can one of you tell me why the current track can’t stay or be improved?

  5. Mike, thank you for your question. Ken is in a better position to provide you with the legalities, but the gist of it is there are limits because the current property used for the raceway is located so close to the Bremerton Airport. There are FAA rules in place that govern what can and can not be done to the property. This limits the type of contracts for users and the type of permanent improvements that can be made. If you go out there you will noticed that all of the structures used by local clubs for events are moveable. Nothing permanent, that would interfere with site being used for aviation, can be built. I hope that answers your question. Ken feel free to chime in.

  6. You are right Rich. It was once used as a runway long ago. If I remember correctly, I was told it was used at one time by blimps in WWII. Historians, don’t beat me up if I am wrong. This is partly why there are FAA rules restricting the sites use and development. Would I recommend landing a plane there in it’s current condition…NO WAY. In a national emergency could it be improved and used again for aviation…absolutely.

  7. The Port of Bremerton master plan will not allow any automobile related activities on airport property as soon as they start developing the area we are using now. That could happen at any time as the Port is now working on a new entrance at the
    north end of the airport.
    The new entrance is to serve any new airport related business located on the east side of the airport. That will eliminate the site we are using now and we will be forced to find a new location.
    That is the reason The Port Commissioners asked for Bremerton MotorSports Park to be formed. They knew the site would go away and they wanted to see a new site available when that happened.we have been working since late 2001 developing a plan to locate a site, off airport property, for a new multi-purpose facility.

  8. Unfortunately Ken, there won’t be any passion for this issue until the site does close for good. Many users have been lulled into a false security due to the fact that despite the doom and gloom predictions, that began even before 2001, they have continued to use the site for the next 7 years without any real negative impact.

    Handlers is the only club that really views racing out there as a business and they will be impacted in the biggest way. The rest of us view it as a hobby and by far the most fun way to expedite tire wear.

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