Do You See What We’re Missing?

Steven Gardner writes:

California boy Jeff Gordon, described by Brian Strickland as “the wine-cooler to the Earnhardt fans’ beer bash” won his 76th race last weekend, tying him with the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. In tribute, something he had cleared with the Intimidator’s offspring, he flew a number 3 flag out his window during the victory lap.

Were Senior’s fans touched. Heck no.

“Based on the reception he received, you would have thought he’d thrown three fingers out the window… and then peeled back two.”

We’ll miss out on this kind of drama. These are the kind of fans we could have had commuting into our backyard a couple weekends a year.

When I went to Fontana the drivers were circling the oval prior to the race and I saw one guy, about 50 rows from the track deliver a double-barrelled bird to someone below, following it with cheers for someone else. I have no idea who he was rooting for. Neither do the drivers. I might have been the only one who noticed the guy, what with the noise being so loud.

In all seriousness, I didn’t see anything at Fontana to suggest NASCAR fans were any less well behaved than those I see regularly in the bleachers at Safeco or the ones I used to sit with at Dodger Stadium. Heck, I once got myself kicked out of Dodger Stadium, so who am I to cast judgment? The folks in Fontana were spirited, but not unruly. Then again, Jeff Gordon didn’t win.

8 thoughts on “Do You See What We’re Missing?

  1. Steve, If you would have been at the race, you would have seen Gordon’s car pelted with bottle’s too. Every sport has it’s unruly fans, but calling Nascar races “family friendly” pretty much tells people upfront that you’ve never been to one, ala Ron Boehme.

  2. Rich, I can honestly say that of all the NASCAR races I have been to, I have never seen anyone deliberately throw things on the track. Of course Jeff Gordon did not win at any of those races.

  3. I’ve never seen it in person, but even last year, without the #3 flag, I saw fans pelting the 24 car with bottles on TV. It might have been Chicago, not sure about that. I even rewound the TIVO and watched it. Dude was getting bombarded, plus, it’s a lot easier to see the flying bottles in HD. There’s even a Fans Against Gordon club.

  4. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve personally have seen things thrown on the track at Daytona.

    As far as Gordon goes – Nascar fans love to hate him.

  5. I personally gave Gordon the “international sign your number 1” at last year’s August race at MIS. I also was one of the few fans to boo Junior and scream “overrated” as he drove by. All it got me was grief from the hundreds of Junior fans around me. I was vidicated that day, with Matt Kenseth winning the race.

    Questioning Gordon’s sexual orientation is a past time in NASCAR. Like most sports, doing this is akin to questioning one’s manhood. It isn’t right, but it went so far as when he was getting divorced, certain vendors sold shirts that said “Hey, Brooke! Call me: 1800-IM-NOT-GAY.” Tacky indeed.

  6. I’m surprised you didn’t get thumped Zach!! The only reason I get away with bashing Jr. is because my brother is always with me with all his stupid Budweiser stuff. Plus, I’m a pretty big guy with a fairly bad attitude…..- Gordon? I don’t care much, but him and Johnson do bug me a little…..

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