Steven Gardner writes:

Was it just a few weeks ago that we were all enmeshed in a semantic wrangle over the speedway? Pretty much the whole world began napping on the entire subject soon after ISC’s jump off the cliff (before it got pushed). You all kept the teeter-totter going longer than most, but it’s clear your legs are getting tired.

Meanwhile I’ve rediscovered things such as the Bremerton School District, cruisers, car tabs and a kid from Bremerton who now lives in Blacksburg, Va. and was close to a national tragedy. I’ve also found myself losing interest in the races now that Kasey Kahne is having an awful year and it looks like the track issue won’t be consuming my life anymore.

May I remind the court that in addition to the news stories, you can find scintillating information on the Bremerton Beat blog.

Lest ye fret, however, that we are done with the NASCAR issue, may I further remind the court that we do still have a couple stories planned as follow-ups before we close the books on this issue forever. I probably best keep those plans under my Wonder Bread cap for now, else some wily competitor will get a jump on us.

7 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Steve,

    How about a Blog titled something like “Economic Development”, which would cover SEED, NASCAR, the Bethel Corridor, commercial development, etc.??

    Hope you will consider it.

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. Steve,
    Take a look at a blog called exit133, it’s from Tacoma and it tracks development issues surrounding life in the city. I think economic evelopment along with community building is a strong topic for a blog. Growth can be positive and helpful to a community, it doesn’t need to be vilified the way it was on the Nascar project.

  3. I rather like that idea.

    If it’s project centric, though, it’d probably go under the regional umbrella where it is planned (Bremerton, Bainbridge, etc.). They could do both, but it might scatter the blogs.

    In any case, your suggestion is certainly food for thought. The public should have a static point of reference beyond an article here and there.

  4. Steven, I agree with Kathryn this blog needs to morph into something to do with the “Economic Development of Kitsap County”. The community specific blogs are great, but it would be nice to have one like this to discuss economic issues for ALL of Kitsap County.

    The speedway proposal will continue to be brought up as the meter to which all other proposals will be compared. We know what our leaders will say NO to, now we need to see what they will say YES to (and not just paying lip service). And boy, you can bet we are going to be talking about it.

  5. David said-“Growth can be positive and helpful to a community, it doesn’t need to be vilified the way it was on the Nascar project.”
    Why would anyone object to positive and helpful growth?

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