Smaller speedway planned

Christopher Dunagan writes:
I had a conversation this morning with Ken Mahan, chairman of the board for Bremerton Motorsports Park. I tried to reach hiim yesterday for my story about what should happen to the property which had been proposed for a NASCAR speedway, but we failed to make connections.
Bremerton Motorsports Park has been looking for a new location since before ISC came onto the scene. The drag strip is located on property connected with Bremerton National Airport, but track promoters have been asked to relocated the facility in case the airport needs the land.
Mahan told me more than a year ago that he and other organizers would wait to see what happens with ISC and then coordinate with the big corporation, if possible.
Now, he’s about to get started on a much more localized effort to relocate the drag strip and possibly add an oval track. He said a track like the one at Elma could be one model. That track, known as Grays Harbor Raceway, seats 6,100 in the grandstands.
Mahan wasn’t sure whether the IMPRA zoning created for ISC would help his organization, but he didn’t want anything to happen to take away from the effort. He has contacted County Commissioner Josh Brown to make sure he understands the perspective from Bremerton Motorsports Park.

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  1. That was pretty dumb of him to contact Chris Endresens lap dog. He’s against anything happening at that race track site, ever. Why didn’t he contact Jan Angel?

  2. Ken Mahan has been attempting to get this project off the ground for several years. My Husband and I started racing at the existing Bremerton Raceway (now known as the Bremerton MotorSports Park) in 1996. At that time there were several large clubs who held a variety of race events at the site. Handlers are the Drag Racing Club that started racing there in the 50’s. Bremerton Sports Car Club has been holding Autocross and Open Track Road Course events since the 70’s and the Porsche Club also held Autocross events since the 80’s. For many years these clubs worked well together. They created a User Council and worked for the common good of the facility despite it being a very restrictive environment due to FAA and the Port of Bremerton Regulations. Dates were selected based on seniority.

    Sometime in the 90’s several clubs from Seattle started using the left over unselected dates to run events. As the years passed they became unhappy with the status quo and started complaining about the dates that were left over and pressed for a change in the selection process so they would have the opportunity for a more desirable schedule. This caused a lot of dissention among all of the clubs and a lot of work for the Port of Bremerton to try to keep the peace. The Port then decided to wash their hands of the matter and forced the User Groups to abandon the User Council in favor of having them create a Corporation to run the operations side of the Raceway. Thus the Bremerton MotorSports Park was created.

    Because of its location and how it was used in the past, few improvements, the type that you would expect to see at other community raceways around the country, were allowed by either the FAA or the Port of Bremerton. This has limited the potential of the facility to host larger more prestigious events and stunted its growth. On the other side it has allowed local clubs to have an affordable place to hold events.

    Based on my past experiences I am happy to see that a community raceway continues to be an option. Unfortunately my faith in the Port of Bremerton and Ken Mahan to make good decisions regarding the project and run it in a fair and productive way has been compromised by my past experiences. I hope that they will prove to me that they have learned from past mistakes and make the project a successful one. While talking to local legislators and getting Josh Brown to understand anything outside of his very narrow experiences with our community is commendable, it is not going to move a project like this forward. I have been away from the local racing community these past few years due to other interests, and toys to play with, the birth of my son and family obligations. I can see that it is now time to get involved again.

  3. The “Industrial Multi-Purpose Recreation Area” land-use designation is a joke. It was a parting gift from Lame Duck Patty Lent after she and her party lost the county commissioners election to the ISC. Then the ISC’s whipping boy in the State House Rep. Geoff Simpson (AKA’s “PDC Expert”) D- Not Kitsap actually claimed that potentially overturning a land-use designation by the new administration was a radical act and was completely unheard of.

    “The threat was that they would shrink the urban growth boundaries. This is something that has never been done since the Growth Management Act was enacted in 1990.”
    Posted by Geoff Simpson | February 20, 2007 4:50 PM

    “No offense Rep Simpson but I didn’t see you at the Kitsap County commissioners growth management meetings for the past couple years and you might not have a first hand knowledge of what has actually gone on in Kitsap county politics since 2004 so it is understandable how wrong you are about the zoning changes to the SKIA that were slipped in at the last minute by Lame Duck Patty Lent on her way out the door.”
    “I’ll be sure to print off a copy of your comments and pass it on to the House leadership and the media.”
    Posted by Jake of | February 22, 2007 10:17 AM

  4. Colleen, You know, I can hear you guys racing out there. AND I’ve never complained once. I knew that was happening out there when I bought my house many years ago. I can even get in free because the Raceway works with the locals as a way to offset the noise. It isn’t that bad and the racers are usually well behave, course, the Sherrif’s like to frequent the area when the races are over.

  5. Rich, as far as I know, and its been a couple of years, Handlers (Drag Racing) is the only club that charges admission. Because of this they pay higher fees to use the facility. Many of the smaller clubs, like the one I was involved with, only charge fees to participants and spectators are always welcome for free.

    Every event we hosted was started off with a manditory drivers meeting, which always discussed the speed limits in the local area and a desire to be good neighbors. If we caught individuals breaking these rules we asked them to leave and to not participate in our events again.

  6. Gordon, I have contacted Commissioner Brown because he is new to the Board of Commissioners and has no idea of the history of the present facility or what Bremerton MotorSports plans are for the future. We want to give him a chance to respond before we pass judgement on his position on this subject.Jan Angel is already aware of our plans.

  7. I would love to see Chris Endresen vote on the Comp Plan update and new buffers before her election.

    That way she can avoid lame duck status. And it would almost guarantee that she would lose her election.

  8. So back to some of the original points, are we talking a dirt track or a paved oval. There are lots of racers in the Kitsap area that would enjoy a venue to run at that was closer than Tenino, Port Angeles or Monroe. What is the latest news Ken?

  9. Bryan, The new facility we are proposing will include a paved oval.If you check out Bremerton MotorSports Park .com you can see what we are planning. We have been working on this since 2002 and hope to someday provide a facility for a number of community friendly activities. Ken

  10. Bryan, The new facility we are proposing will include a paved oval.If you check out Bremerton MotorSports Park .com you can see what we are planning. We have been working on this since 2002 and hope to someday provide a facility for a number of community friendly activities. Ken

  11. Got it to work, thanks Ken. So what is the basic plan to make this happen? Racing enthusiast with heavy construction companies or that have other luctative businesses, and are willing to donate time and money? 🙂

  12. Rich and Bryan,
    Jan Angel has shown interest in supporting our efforts.
    Our first order of business is to locate property that is sutable for a multi-purpose facility. Until we can lock up a piece of property, it’s difficult getting investors interested. We have been on hold with our search since I.S.C. proposed their plan. We do think we can move forward now.


  14. Ken, the previous post show’s the amount of ignorant fanaticism you are up against.

    On the upside, there is a new show on the Speed Channel called “Set Up”. One of the (10) teams competing includes Ron Bauer and Kevin Dietz. I have participated and worked with both individuals, many times, at various events held out at the Bremerton MotorSports Park. Ron and Kevin have both competed at the National SCCA level and Ron holds multiple Autocross championships. Check it out. So far they are doing great and managed to land the largest sponsor Bridgestone.

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